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Small-Group Instruction: Maximizing Effectiveness

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Anthony Schultz

on 8 February 2016

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Transcript of Small-Group Instruction: Maximizing Effectiveness

Who Actually Benefits from Whole-Group Instruction?
Instructional design in which the students take an active role in their learning through choice in sequence and selection of learning experiences based on standards, interests and learning preferences (BCPS, 2015).

When does this most often happen in your room?
Effective Small-Group Instruction has:
Instructional design in which the sequence and selection of learning experiences for each student (learner) is driven by teacher (facilitator) decisions. The teacher (facilitator) bases decisions upon student (learner) formative assessment data and learner profile (BCPS, 2015).

When does this most often happen in your room?
Maximizing Effectiveness
Which group (low, middle, high) actually benefits from whole-group instruction?

Discuss with your table, and share on the padlet:


Where should most of our planning and teaching efforts go?
□ Fluid/flexible grouping
□ Differentiated
□ Differentiated
□ Differentiated
□ Engagement
□ Student choice

Small-Group Instruction
Quiz Activity
Using Your Help
What if you could be in two places at once?

If you have another adult in the room,
plan with them
! They should have a small group (at least) whenever you do.


Have a helper pull a small group for fluency while you pull a skill-based ELA small group.

Have a helper pull a math facts small group while you teach a differentiated math lesson.
How do your students know what to do, and when?

Each day, what should change about small groups?

What should stay the same?
Guided Reading
Mrs. Healey:
Math Rotation

1. Go to kahoot.it
2. Enter PIN: 641422
Ms. Berger:
How has small group teaching impacted your instruction this year?
Mrs. Healey:
Math Workshop
Classroom Management
During Guided Reading
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