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How to Draw Manga

demonstration speech

Kaleigh Cochard

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of How to Draw Manga

How to Draw Manga Kaleigh Cochard Background:
Japanese graphic novel.
Artists: Mangaka
Influenced by Disney 1. Materials:
a good mindset
drawing pens
color pencils
big eraser 2. Planning:
When you begin to draw manga, the best thing for you is to start with mastering the face.
Plan or get the idea in your head before you start drawing. 3. Basic Shapes
When drawing anything, you should break down the object into basic shapes. 4. Draw a Circle:
The circle will be the main part of the head. 5. Draw a rectangle
divide the circle horizontally
draw another line at the bottom edge of the circle.
Connect these 2 lines with a slanted line on each side.
These slanted lines will be the cheeks. 6. Adding a Triangle:
At the bottom of the rectangle, draw an upside down triangle. 7. The eyes:
There are many ways to draw eyes.
They can be realistic or very cartoony.
Men eyes are different from Women eyes.
Men's eyes are more narrow and different.
Women's eyes are more doughy and very detailed.
They are portrayed larger than men's. 8. Glints and Pupils:
It is the glare in the eyes.
The glares are symmetrical on both eye.
Very bold.
Symmetrical on both sides. 9. detail the eyes
This involves adding the eye lashes. 10. Nose, Ears, Eyebrows
Put it in between the eyes and slightly down.
Show expression
It can be open or closed.
Draw a line slightly above the eyes to show a eye lid wrinkle
Above that, make a thin lines above the eyes.
Men will have thicker eye brows
Women will have thinner.
Some eye brows are stylized and are unique. 11. Hair
Figure out the hair line.
Draw hair that will match your sketch's personality. 12. Ink it and Extra Details
Extra Details:
extra details like blush or tears can make the drawing more dynamic.
Ink everything
This makes it more bold, dramatic, and crisp. Some Friendly tips:
Research and study a few different styles from different mangakas.
Sketch your favorite characters to practice the basic concepts.
Eventually discover your own style. Recap:
Good Mindset
Basic Shapes
Add Details Thank You!!
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