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2 Types of People: Those who get it, and those who don't

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TJ Latiles

on 25 July 2016

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Transcript of 2 Types of People: Those who get it, and those who don't

2 Types of People:
Those who get it, and those who don't
- able to empathize
- responsible
- cooperative
- listens attentively and follows instructions
- focused on success
- have a voice, not afraid to speak your opinion; try to spread awareness
- fight for what they believe in
- bigger person
What are the qualities of a person that
does not
"get it"?
- unable to comprehend/follow simple instructions
- does not put in effort
- selfish
- ignorant
- unable to empathize
- careless
Being a person that
does not
"get it"
- stay on sidelines and keep quiet about serious issues in society today
- "bystander"
- ignore issues because it does not concern them/ benefit them in any way

What are the qualities of a person that "gets it" ?
Being a person that "gets it"
Examples of people that get it
- various celebrities use their power to speak out and give their support towards the many issues in the world today
- they do small things to spread awareness such as tweeting #blacklivesmatter or #prayfornice, etc., to show that they care
- they complete simple instructions such as showing up to school on time and doing your homework
- In the movie, "The Blind Side", a family takes in Michael and allows him to stay at their house because they had empathy towards him and wanted to help. After realizing that things were tough for him, they adopted him and helped make his life better
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