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An Agricultural Revolution

Technology improves framing and production and population grow.

Mayra Santos

on 22 February 2010

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Transcript of An Agricultural Revolution

An Agricultural Revolution Technology Improves Farming Production and Populatiuon Grow New inventions helped improve farmimg. Some of the new inventions include.. Iron plows New harnesses in order to boost their manor's income, lords began to clear lands... Forest
Drain swamps
reclaim wasteland They also developed the three- field system. These new iron plows helped carve into
the heavy soil. This new harness allowed the workers to use horses instead of oxen. Horses were much more efficient than oxen, they could plow more land than oxen. This system helped produce more food to provide for the growing population. Another reason the three-system was helpful was because it allowed the soil to regain it's mnerals.
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