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Boys and Reading Underachievement

No description

Erin Gallup

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Boys and Reading Underachievement

References Why are boys not achieving
as well as their female
peers in reading and what can we do to increase achievement? I have noticed that boys are not always
as motivated to read as girls and after seeing
some articles on the issue of boys underachieving in reading, I became interested in learning more on the subject. I am curious to look into the research about why this happening and hoping to find some ideas on how to prevent it and engage boys in reading. Why am I choosing this issue? Reasons why this
might be happening

lack of engagement
lack of male role models for reading
some boys look at reading as a feminine activity
technology (books are dull compared to the latest video/computer game)
socioeconomic status
boys' sense of competence in reading
their need to understand that reading has a purpose Video Smith, Emma. (2010). Underachievement, failing youth and moral panics. Evaluation & Research in Education, 23(1), 37-49.

Sokal, L. & Katz, H. (2008). Effects of technology and male
teachers on boys’ reading. 52(1), 81-94.

Watson, A., Kehler, M., and Martino, W. (2010).The problem of boys’ literacy underachievement: Raising some questions. Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy 53(5), 356-361. Reading Underachievement and Boys What can we do to
improve boys' literacy achievement? http://www.oxfordschoolimprovement.co.uk/professional-development/resource-video/project-x/Gary-literacy use of computer-based books and technology
have more male teacher teachers as role models
create boy friendly areas for reading in the classroom
use boys' interests when teaching reading
include the following types of print in your classroom library: comics, non-fiction, magazines The Youtube link wasn't working so to watch this clip just click on the link and exit Prezi, it should show up in your browser. This is the last frame in the presentation. Introduction Boys' have not been achieving as well as their female peers in reading and the result has been international concern about the issue. There has been controversy over what has caused this academic underachievement. There needs to be research driven
intervention on the issue. Many studies
have been conducted on the effects
of teachers practicing "boy-friendly"
pedagogy and how this impacts
reading achievement in boys. http://web.ebscohost.com.proxy.hil.unb.ca/ehost/pdfviewer/pdfviewer?sid=639a0c41-19e8-4824-b7c4-1ac7fa6365b9%40sessionmgr4&vid=4&hid=20 Article Effects of technology and male
teachers on boys' reading
by Laura Sokal & Herb Katz
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