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Copy of 100PLUS

No description

charis lam

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of Copy of 100PLUS


Dollyn Aloysius @Atti
Magendren A/L Raman
Muhamad Shameer Fahmi
Frederic Joe
Azeli Chamangai
Mohd Azhar Ramali

Executive Summary
Fraser and Neave Holdings Bhd (F&N) Group since 1883.
Expand its business to more than 20 countries worldwide.
Specialized in beverages and Dairy products manufacturing with 60% soft drink market share in Malaysia .
Market leader of the isotonic drink market and 100PLUS possessed 90% market share.
100 PLUS has been lauched on 1984 and become number ONE isotonic drink in the market.
Situational Analysis
•100PLUS is an isotonic drinks that help to replenish the fluids and electrolytes that lose during physical activities.
•100PLUS was incorporated into the sports community which was well accepted by the athlete and become popular among them.
•People begin to percent 100PLUS as a healthy drink and this drink become popular not only to sports personal but active individuals and travelers.
Market Summary
•100PLUS is also the pioneer of the isotonic market which gave its advantages in understanding the needs of consumers better as compared to the others.
•consumers perceived that 100PLUS could understand them well which they had gained popularity and loyalty of the consumer in globally.
Target Markets:
F&N’s 100PLUS isotonic.

•100PLUS is a successful product of F&N and attracted most of consumers in the market worldwide from various ranges of ages, teenagers till golden generation. •At the beginning stage 100plus targets were more towards athletes and those involved in the sports field. •Summarizingly, the target markets for 100PLUS are mainly active individuals, sports interests, travelers and those who really give priority to a healthier lifestyle
Market Needs:
Rehydration & Healthier Product.
Market Trends
With the rise of Malaysian toward healthier lifestyle through sport and active living, it had given an opportunity for the 100PLUS to market their product.
100PLUS expend their market not only for athletes but also for active individual and travelers.
Market Growth
Increase demands for the isotonic drink and indirectly leads to the growth of the isotonic drink market when more people concern about healthy drinks.
Market Summary (Cont.)
SWOT Analysis
High Popularity
Unique Recipe
High product
•Conservative packaging
•Low product variety
•Too dependent on the core product
•Dominant the isotonic market position
•Efficient distribution channel
•Increase demand on isotonic drink
Price competition
New competative product
•Gatorade, which is one of the largest brands of PepsiCo.
•Gatorade had acquired approximately 75% market share in the sports drink category in the United State.
•PepsiCo also developed a product called the 7Up Revive Isotonic Drink to compete with 100PLUS at a cheaper price.
Product Offering
F&N 100PLUS currently offers a few products that consist of:
i)100PLUS Original
ii)100PLUS Tangy Tangerine
iii)100PLUS Lemon Lime
iv)100PLUS Aqtiv
Key To Success
•Produce the product that meets the consumers’ need.
•First isotonic drinks to be introduced to the Malaysian market and it had gained popularity as well as brand reputation
•Customer loyalty to the brand.
Critical Issues
100PLUS is an existing business which had reached its maturity stage.
•Customer satisfaction and change in taste preferences
•Continuous advertising the 100PLUS
Marketing Strategy
Marketing strategy of F&N on 100PLUS isotonic drink is focused on maintaining the brand position in the isotonic drink market.
Dominates the isotonic drink market by holding up to 90% of the market share
100PLUS has a very strong branding among the consumers in the isotonic drink market
Mission: “Become a world-class multinational enterprise providing superior returns to our shareholders, excellent value for our customers and a rewarding career for our employees.”

Marketing Objective: Maintain the position of 100PLUS as the top brand in the isotonic drink market.

Financial Objective: The financial objective is to increase the profit margin of F&N by 14%.

Target Markets: Mainly on active sports person, new target market will be expanded to travelers.
Marketing Overview
Billboards and more creative displays at modern trade channels
Online website, Social media, endorsements and sponsorships, special events, health campaign, promotion and contests.
For example, 100PLUS Thomas Cup 1 Million Support Campaign was launched to support the Malaysian badminton team
The 4P's Strategy
Pricing: The pricing would be based on retail price.
Product: F&N 100PLUS has four flavored isotonic drinks such as original, lemon lime, tangy tangerine and Activ. More flavors will be introduced to extend the product’s variety.
Place: 100PLUS will be made available to reach their customers through supermarkets, convenience stores, vending machines, kiosk and specialty stores.
Promotion: Increase brand awareness through a contest, campaign, advertisement and corporate social responsibility.
Financial summary: break-even analysis, sales forecast, expense forecast.We assume the cost used by the company as the cost involved in producing 100PLUS to show how would the process of financial forecast would be implemented in the marketing plan.
Break-Even Analysis
Sales: Increase by 10 percent
Variable Costs: Increase by 10 percent
Fixed Cost: Remain
Contribution Margin: Sales - Variable Costs
Contribution Margin ratio: contribution margin/sales
Break-even sales in dollars: total fixed costs/contribution ratio
Break-even Analysis:
100 PLUS Isotonic
Sales Forecast
2011 sales are running at RM1589.10 million Estimated to increase the sales by 10 percent
RM1748.01 million in year 2012
RM1922.81 million in year 2013
RM2115.09 million in year 2014
Based on the potential market outlined in the Marketing Section of this plan, the increasing numbers of target markets will cause the revenue of the product to increase.
Expenses Forecast
Performance Monitoring & Controls
MP - serves as a guide
effectiveness of the marketing strategies has to be monitor and measure
few parameters are suggested to monitor the performance of the strategies
Revenue & Expenses
how the company’s account would improve
success of marketing plan will increase revenue
control over expense - prevent operation cost to exceed revenues generated
Monthly report: the monthly account is recorded and then projected in a yearly account summary
Acc Dep: present their revenue, sales, and expense report (increase or decrease of the revenue and expenses will be observed)
Monthly report will combine into a quarterly report
Sales Volume
Monitoring the sales volume after the execution of the MP is an effective way
Monitoring sales volume - short term and long term (consumer taste changes)
Ways to promote/advertise
Sales Dep: present their revenue, sales, and expense report (increase or decrease of the revenue and expenses will be observed)
Hire or outsource sales volume monitoring program to other third party company
Use marketing mix model (MMM) - effective way to monitor the sales volume through regression analysis
Customer Satisfaction & Feedback
acceptance level & satisfaction level of consumers corrective measures
Connected with consumers social media and social network
discussion forum & feedback form

implementation planning is very important
good timely implementation milestone is very important
Contigency Plan
difficulties and risk that would face throughout the whole marketing process will be handled
(attractiveness of 100PLUS fan page & websites, billboard advertising expensive, increase in price of sugar and aluminum, and worse is food safety issues)
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