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Theory of Knowledge

No description

Andrew Netter

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Theory of Knowledge

Abduction and Alien Encounters Pseudoscience Scientific Solution During times of extreme sleep deprivation and physical and mental stress can cause altered states of mind and hallucination Scientific Counter Evidence No solid evidence to support the claims of abduction by the abductee Counter evidence that suggest alternate reasons for experiencing such abductions and alien encounters Any evidence that is brought about to support claims of alien experiences are easily dissolved by expert analysis Pseudoscience Abductees are convinced of their abduction experience even though they have no rational explanation The abductees seem to be perfectly sane people who just had an irrational experience Only evidence is claim of the person abducted "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence" (Carl Sagan) Confabulation: mixing fantasy with reality to such an extent that it makes it impossible to sort the two out Examples Rare mental states, hypnogogic (after falling asleep) and hypnopompic (before waking up), cause the person to believe that they're experiencing something they are really dreaming (ghosts, aliens, loved ones that have passed away, out of body experiences) The first hand experiences show no documentation of their evidence. How are their accounts reliable then? Stories seem to parallel those of media entertainment abduction phenom, positive feedback loop page 92:
"There are, however, numerous problems with the alien autopsy film evidence of an alien encounter."

"7. The alien in the film has six fingers...or two species of aliens?" (Page 93) Ad Hoc Exceptions: Abductees continually making exceptions for the all counter examples
-Lady claiming that aliens planted a tracking devise in her head even though MRI scans came back negative Conflict At Cal. State Professor Alvin Lawson put students into a hypnotic state where he told them repeatedly that they'd been abducted by aliens, when asked about the abduction they went into great detail, making up the story as they went along Abduction experiences usually recalled a considerable amount of time after the event Numerous amounts of red flags within the Roswell Alien Autopsy Film Core similarities between abduction stories due to shared mental states and social context/ stimulants Swaying Abductees For the abductees this experience is usually a traumatic, life altering event The abductees cling to their story no matter how much evidence against there experience is shown to them Harmful? Yes and no, depends on the amount of people who give in to their story Many of the people who have had such encounters export their story through media, production of false reports Harmful socially to the abductee, could cause them to become the odd ball within the community because of their claims
-"Another woman explained that the experience had cost her a happy marriage" (Shermer 95) Abductions sometimes recalled through hypnosis
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