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Logic Model

No description

Hiram Jacob

on 22 April 2013

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Transcript of Logic Model

Evaluation and Quality Improvement Plan E.Q.I.P Utah County Health Department Inputs Outcomes -Partnerships in community
-Community support
-Grant funding
-Staff and Volunteers
-Support from Board of Health and Health Department leadership Hold Strategic Plan Planning Meetings:
1. Set the Groundwork for Strategic Planning
2. Develop Mission, Vision and Values
3. Compile Relevant Information: Environmental Scan
4. Analyze Results and Select Strategic Priorities
5. Develop the Strategic Plan and Implement Plan

Hold Community Health Improvement Planning Meetings:
1. Engage community and local public health system (LPHS) partners
2. Develop goals and measurable objectives,
3. Choose strategies,
4. Create a timeline,
5. Develop performance measures, and
6. Determine organization/persons responsible to address each identified health priority.

Present plans at Community Board of Health meetings to the community in order to raise support.
Create a Budget and Funding Plan
Recruit interns to help coordinate and complete the Strategic Plan and CHIP. Activities Outputs Impacts Accreditation
Additional Funding
Increased knowledge and better understanding of community health needs
Increased capacity to improve health of community
More efficient health department
Prepared for the next five-year accreditation period

Program Objectives:
By January 31, 2016 the UCHD will receive PHAB accreditation.
By January 31, 2016 UCHD patrons will report 75% satisfaction. (Baseline: 50%. Community Health Assessment, 2012.)
By January 31, 2016 the conglomerate of UCHD programs will see a 5% increase in participation. (Baseline: 32% program usage. Community Health Assessment, 2012.) -Strategic Plan Complete

-CHIP Complete

-Able to report completion to the Public Health Board of Accreditation (PHAB) Held 5 Strategic Planning Meetings to accomplish:
1. Set the Groundwork for Strategic Planning
2. Developed Mission, Vision and Values
3. Compiled Relevant Information: Environmental Scan
4. Analyzed Results and Selected Strategic Priorities
5. Developed the Strategic Plan and Implement Plan

Held 6 Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) Meetings
1. Formed partnerships with 12 key community organizations and community members
2. Developed 3 goals and 8 "SMART" objectives,
3. Chose 2 strategies
4. Created a timeline,
5. Developed performance measures
6. Determined organization/persons responsible to address each identified health priority.

Presented at 2 Community Board of Health Meetings and gained support from community members.
Hired two interns to aid the completion of the Strategic Plan and Community Health Improvement Plan.
Site Visit Evaluation and Quality
Improvement Plan (EQIP) UCHD Vision and Mission Vision:
Healthy People in Healthy Communities

Promote health, and prevent avoidable disease and injury by monitoring the health of our community, and assuring conditions in which people can be healthy.

E.Q.I.P. Program Goal:
Achieve Public Health Accreditation for the Utah County Health Department. Ben Cannon
Abbey Carson
Katherine Chipman
Lauren Christoffersen
Hiram Jacob Barriers and Benefits of Accreditation -improved relationships (with county commissioner, board of health, local hospitals, and community partners)
-community recognition
-local funding
-feedback -time
-funds Public Health Accreditation Accreditation demonstrates to the public that the department is
Conducting their work with peer reviewed, nationally accepted performance standards
Committed to accountability, transparency, and quality improvement
Creating a culture of quality improvement

Budget Grant money will cover the costs associated with accreditation including:
Staff support
Completion of the CHIP and strategic plan
Accreditation application and fees
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