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The Voyages of

No description

Terry Geraldsen

on 12 December 2014

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Transcript of The Voyages of

Picture of Hudson
Hudson River, Hudson Strait, and Hudson Bay.
Facts about regions he discovered
Henry was never supposed to encounter the places he discovered, because his voyage was supposed to go to Asia, but bad weather forced him to North America. When he was coming into America he discovered the Hudson River. When he left, the went through a rough body of water called the Hudson Strait, which led to the Hudson bay.
People he met along the way
~Hudson took his son John and a known explorer Robert Juet. He also took a ship crew.
~John Colman, one of his crewman, was killed by an Native American arrow shot in his neck. (Later known as the Colman River where he was buried was named after him.)
~Nice and mean Native Americans.
The Voyages of Henry Hudson
Who sponsored Hudson, and why?
The first two voyages were sponsored by the British, but these were uneventful for Hudson. His last two voyages, specifically his last voyage, was the important ones, and they were sponsored by the Dutch.
What inspired the explorer
At first, he was looking for a shorter way to get to India and Asia then they already had. When he tried to go, there was a problem with the weather, which forced them to go to North America. This wasn't much of a bad thing because then found that they could trade fur with the Native Americans.
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By: Terry Geraldsen &
Jade Rouchon
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