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Stargirl Project.

Erica Saintsing

on 12 January 2012

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Transcript of Stargirl

Stargirl(: Characters Stargirl is the new girl at MAHS. She is so different than everyone else. She plays her ukulele in the cafeteria and sings happy birthday to everyone. Leo Borlock falls in love with Stargirl. Stargirl Leo Borlock Leo is the narrartor of the book.He is the one who falls for Stargirl. He does the tech stuff for Hot Seat. Kevin Quinlin Kevin is Leo's best friend. He is the host of hot seat. He is one of the only people that don't ignore Leo when Leo is dating Stargirl. Archie Brubaker Archie is the teacher who teaches on Saturdays. All the kids know who he is . They come to him for advice. When he needs advice, he turns to Senor Saguaro for help. Dori Dilson Dori is the shy girl that welcomes Stargirl. She is Stargirl's best friend. Hillari Kimble Hillari hates Stargirl. The only reason she hates her though is because of the attention Stargirl gets. Cinnamon Cinnamon is Stargirl's pet rat. Barney Barney is Archie's pet skull that he uses to make points. Senor Saguaro Senor Saguaro is Archie's giant cactus in his back yard. Plot The plot of the story is Stargirl comes to MAHS and acts different. At first every one thought she was cool. Then she got annoying and embarassing. Everyone started to shun her. Eventually she left MAHS. Setting The main setting of the story is at MAHS. Most of the exciting things happened here, most of them made by Stargirl. There were other places they visited to though. There was Stargirl's house, The Mall and Archie's house. Summary of the Chapters Chapters 1-5 Leo finds out about Stargirl. Some people thought Stargirl was hired by the school to help raise school spirit. In the cafiteria the next day she sang Happy Birthday and played her ukulele to a boy named Alan Ferkooh. The next day Stargirl brought her pet rat to school. That Friday, Kevin called Leo and told him to come to the footbal game. When he got there she was doing flips on the field. The head cheerleader asked Stargirl to be a cheerleader. She said yes. She still acted the same though. She played her ukulele and sand happy birthday to people though. Chapters 6-10 Porcupine Necktie This section was about where Leo grew up and about how his uncle gave him a porcupine necktie and how after that he started to collect them. Hillari came up to Stargirl and said don't sing to me tommorow on my birthday or else. No one knew what Stargirl would do. The next day at lunch, Stargirl took her ukulele, walked by Hillari's table and sang Happy Birthday to Leo and Kevin but used Hillari's name at the end. Later that dayLeo and Kevin went to Archie'. They learned many things about Stargirl. By December Stargirl was the most popular girl in school. Every one wanted to be her friend. Chapters 11-15 Stargirl cheered at the basketball games. But she not only cheered for her team but the other teams also. Eventually she got kicked of the cheer squad. This was about the time that everyone started to reject her. Chapters 16-20 People made fun of Leo, by calling him Starboy, because Stargirl liked him. Leo liked her too, so he followed her home. She found out he was watching her so she came to talk. She introduced him to her pet rat Cinnamon. From then on it felt to them as if they were the only ones in school because nobody talked to them. They began to spend a lot of time together since nobody else would talk to them. Chapters 21-25 Later on Stargirl and Leo get so connected that Leo came over to Stargirls house to eat supper. Stargirl and Leo kiss on her front porch. Leo is embarrassed and nervous. Leo felt as if everybody hated him. This was pretty true because practically everyone did except for Leo and Stargirl. On Valentines day Stargirl put three words on Leo's valentine that said, "Stargirl loves Leo!". Leo gets lonely and tries to talk to someone and they just walk away. Leo tries to tell Stargirl to change and she becomes very sad. Chapters 26-33 Stargirl changes majorly for Leo. She turns into a regular girl named Susan. (Susan is Stargirls real name.) Later she had a sign that said, "Talk to me and I'll scratch your back", just to get attention or at least get someone to talk to her. Leo and Susan start hanging out a lot but Susan still is really weird around him. She will do stuff like putting her finger in his ear and smushing his face. The next week she became Stargirl again. She is also singing with her friend in a music group called Ukee Dook. After about a week of that Stargirl left on her bike and no one ever saw her again. Leo later goes to visit Stargirl and she is not there. The only thing there was a school. More than Stars At the end of the story there is an epolouge. It talks about how Leo goes back to the town as he has grown older. It talks about his job in which he did not end up on TV. He also told us about Kevin. He went to visit Archie's house and he also went and looked at Stargirls old house. Many things have changed around the town. Nobody knows where Stargirl is or where to look for her. However, everyone still remembers her as the "enchanted" young girl that went to MAHS. Moral of the Story The moral of the story is to just be yourself and do not let anybody control you or tell you who to be. Created By: Erica Saintsing
Abigail Carpenter
Cassie Frazier
Katherine Horrell
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