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The Stone

Book Study

Leslie Neal

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of The Stone

Written & illustrated by Lloyd Alexander
Powerpoint by Leslie Neal The Stone My favorite character was Mondora because she took charge of things and thought of the important factors in life. Summary The stone is a wonderful fable that teaches an
important lesson about character and thinking
about others. In this fable a selfish man decided
he did NOT want to grow old. This man, Maibon,
had a chance to have a wish, so he choose a
magical stone that kept you young forever.
The problem was that Maibon's wife thought his
wish was silly and demanded for him to get rid of
the stone. Maibon tried unsuccessfully to get rid of
the life-crumbling stone. Soon he realized that as long as
he had the stone he wasn't going to change and nor was
anything else around him. Finally Maibon got rid of
the stone and willingly walked away. Maibon - the main character
in the story. He made
a big mistake by
wishing for the stone
and it took courage to
hand it over for good.
- inconsiderate Mondora - Maibon's wife
who made him get rid
of the stone. She
thought that instead of
wishing to stay young
Maibon should have
wished for a new apron for
her or jackets for the
- smart
- snappy
- won't stop nagging Doli - the dwarf that
warned Maibon
about his wish
before he
granted it.
- kind heart
- wise
- true to
his word
- can't
invisible Pedestrian - an old man that Maibon
had seen walking down
the road. Seeing this
person is what made
Maibon decide that he
wanted to stay young
- frail
- grumpy
- feeble
- independent Story behind the Story I think the story behind the story is to enjoy life
and don't try to make it last forever. It is just like money;
it is meant to be used up. Also I think that you should enjoy what
is happening right then instead of worrying about the future or what's ahead of you. Favorite Character Favorite Part My favorite part was when Doli was stuck under the log, but didn't want to be seen so he started blinking frantically. It made me laugh when I thought of him squeezing his eyes shut super tight. Lesson The lesson I learned is to always think about something before you do it.
In this story Maibon realized that he was being very selfish after getting
the stone. Turning Point The turning point in this story is when Maibon realized
that the stone was making everything around him stop changing, not just himself. The plants weren't growing, the
cow would not calve, the chickens egg wouldn't hatch, and
the baby wasn't teething. Favorite Quote My favorite quote was, " Stones are all right in
their way," Maibon said "But the trouble with them is, they don't grow." Maibon said this once he
finally got rid of the stone. This was my favorite quote because it completed the story. It was like
the last piece of a puzzle. T H E E N D sTUCK TIME IN T H E E N D Recommendation I highly recommend this book because it teaches
life lessons and has a little bit of humor in the
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