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Who is Sarah Graham?

No description

Mr Sandy

on 6 February 2014

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Transcript of Who is Sarah Graham?

Who is
Sarah Graham?
Sarah Graham is a British artist who paints in a style of photo-realism.
She uses the exaggeration of colours, light and reflections to bring her work to life.
Most of Graham’s work is either acrylic or oil paints on canvas.
Graham creates a illusion of reality, but not our reality, her own version of reality, using paint.

Her Influences.
Graham’s influences are:
 Her dad.
 Roald Dahl
 Tim Burton
 Films:
 Wizard of Oz
 Back to the future
 Moulin Rouge
 Music
 Places:
 Barcelona
 New York
 Iceland

Its not just sweets!
Graham’s paintings are not just about sweets. Graham paints a world that takes us back to childhood. The exaggeration of colour, light and reflections give the objects a larger than life appearance. Her paintings are so pristine and perfect that they give you a feeling of security and safety. The feeling that nothing can go wrong, just like a child.
Research a contextual reference (artist) relating to your work. Get a picture of an example of work. Write down a few facts about them, who they are, what medium they use. Also write down the message you think the artist is trying to put across in their painting and why you like the artist.
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