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The Progression of WWI

No description

Rachel Riendeau

on 18 October 2017

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Transcript of The Progression of WWI

The Progression of WWI
Allies and Central Powers
Digging In-
The Western and Eastern Fronts
Trench Warfare
November 11th 1918
RMS Lusitania
Modern Warfare
American Newspapers
Preparedness vs
Peace Movements
Allies (Triple Entente)
The Tank
Poison Gasses
Mobile X-ray Machines
Machine Guns

-Some of the world's first modern submarines

-Often used to attack merchant ships (even American ones)

-Led to the use of convoy systems

-One of the final causes for the US joining (officially) in the war effort
February 4th 1915- Germany announces any ship (even merchant) approaching an allied nation would be sunk. Even neutrals.

May 7th 1915- The British ship, "Lusitania" is sunk by a German UBoat, killing 128 Americans.

Technically... not an American ship, so the U.S. did not immediately respond
In 1917, Germany announced it would re institute unrestricted submarine warfare, almost immediately sinking three American merchant ships

America Enters the war...
April 6th 1917
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