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Robert Pickton - Criminology Presentation

Enzo, Lisa, Ashley, Hollee, Amanda

Mandy Clark

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of Robert Pickton - Criminology Presentation

Robert Pickton Enzo, Lisa, Hollee, Ashlee, Amanda Overview Robert Pickton Second Degree Murder Convictions www.radio-canada.ca www.missingpeople.net 4. Brenda Ann Wolfe

5. Marnie Lee Frey

6. Georgina Faith Papin murderpedia.org www.missingpeople.net www.missingpeople.net Other Missing Women Other Missing Women Squealer Question #3 Question #2 Question #1 How many murders was Robert Pickton convicted of? Which 2 theories were specifically applied in the presentation? What was the name of the event center owned by Pickton? a) 20
b) 10
c) 13
d) 6 a) freud and Eysenck
b) Sutherland and Victimization
c) Labeling and Power Control
d) Power Control and Victimization a) Porkies
b) Pickton Palace
c) Piggy Palace
d) Squealers Jacqueline Michelle McDonell

Dianne Rosemary Rock

Heather Kathleen Bottomley Jennifer Lynn Furminger

Helen Mae Hallmark

Patricia Rose Johnson Heather Chinnook

Tanya Holyk

Sherry Irving Inga Monique Hall

Tiffany Drew

Sarah de Vries Cynthia Feliks

Angela Rebecca Jardine

Diana Melnick Debra Lynne Jones

Wendy Crawford

Kerry Koski Andrea Fay Borhaven

Cara Louise Ellis

Mary Ann Clark Yvonne Marie Boen

Dawn Teresa Crey There are also two unidentified women and a Jane Doe Any Comments or Question? www.missingpeople.net www.missingpeople.net www.missingpeople.net www.missingpeople.net www.missingpeople.net www.missingpeople.net N/A www.missingpeople.net www.missingpeople.net www.missingpeople.net www.missingpeople.net www.missingpeople.net 1. Sereena Abotsway

2. Mona Lee Wilson

3. Andrea Joesbury www.missingpeople.net www.theprovince.com www.missingpeople.net www.missingpeople.net www.missingpeople.net www.missingpeople.net www.missingpeople.net www.missingpeople.net www.missingpeople.net N/A www.missingpeople.net www.missingpeople.net Port Coquitlam, British Columbia
97' - 2002 Vancouver's Downtown Eastside
lured from known as "Low Track"
Piggy Palace parties
attempted murder dropped Jan. 98
Bill Hiscox - squealer '98
investigation failed
2007 6 convictions, est. 63 victims
25 years - no parole
Kent, British Columbia Life style victimization Theory "Crime committed against the victim leaves them partially at fault based on their lifestyle, the company they keep, simply being in a public place, if they frequent places where criminal activity is known to happen, or even the time of day that they frequent certain areas" Power Control Theory The power control theory suggests that criminal behavior is largely dependent upon gender, familial social and economic structures.

The perceived power within the family extends to social cultures Police Investigation The official search for Vancouver's missing women began in September 1998 after a list was created listing 40 missing woman.
Even though the list was flawed, Detective Dave Dickson had his suspicions so he looked into the issue closer.
Police looked at disappearances starting as far back as 1971
Some of the potential suspects were:
Michael Leopold
Barry Thomas Neidermier.
In 1998, police got a good lead from Bill Hiscox
The disappearances were happening more quickly as time went on
on February 7, 2002 Vancouver Constable Catherine Galliford told reporters that searchers were scouring the Pickton pig farm known as the “piggy palace”.
Following his arrest Pickton was charged with 5 more counts of first degree murder
During the search at Picktons farm investigators found body parts scattered around the property
Health officials are worried that Pickton was selling human remains disguised as pork.
The jury took 9 days to decide that Pickton was found guilty on six counts of second-degree murder Police recorded Hiscox's statement and a detective accompanied him to the pig farm, afterward vowing "to push the higher-ups, all the way to the top, to investigate.”

Ms Yelds, who also worked on the farm had her suspicions, she stated that she had seen bloody clothing and pieces of identification for as many as 10 women inside Picktons trailer.

Despite Ms. Yelds and Mr. Hiscox information, nothing ended up happening.

Why did they stop contacting Mr. Hiscox and failed to pursue Ms.Yelds for first hand accounts of the farm? At the time he was 37-year-old, widowed man, he had turned to drugs, and alcohol to deal with the loss of his wife, he was an employee of the Pickton’s Salvage company

Described the Pickton farm as, "a creepy-looking place".

He described Pickton,"a pretty quiet guy, hard to strike up a conversation with, but I don't think he had much use for men."

Hiscox told detectives Pickton, "frequents the downtown area all the time, for girls." Victims During the crime of Robert Pickton there were a list of missing women that were brought to the Vancouver police. However the missing women were not taken seriously due to them being addicts and/or in the sex trade. Women were found in drug rehabs or passed away due to drug overdoses. However the police did not take the case of the missing women as serious as they would if they were women missing from the high end neighborhood due to the life style that these women had led

Some families after the body of their family members were found were very upset and outraged by the way the police had handled the remains of their loved ones. The family of Marnie Frey were told that the only piece left of their daughter that was a jaw bone was cremated. However a forensic anthropologist examined the jaw bone fragments that’s were left in an urn and confirmed that the jaw had not gone through the cremation process.
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