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Single Page Applications

No description

Eric Eijkelenboom

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of Single Page Applications

with Durandal, Knockout and Breeze Single Page Applications What is a SPA? Data management Web app that fits on a single web page

Loads all necessary code with a single page load

Redraw the UI without roundtripping Why build a SPA? Richer user experience with less
round tripping maintain navigation, history, deep linking

fits on a single web page

persisting important state on the client

fully (or mostly) loaded in the initial page load

progressively downloads features as required Why? Common traits of a SPA Demo application Let's get dirty! What is the goal? Durandal.js Takes care of the UI plumming

Little incremental work as the SPA grows

Main features View and viewmodel composition
Dynamically load modules as required
App lifecycle
Asynchronous programming with promises
Convention based Leverages popular libraries Knockout.js for data binding

Require.js for modules

jQuery for DOM manipulation Knockout.js Require.js Create a module named 'shell', in shell.js Hot Towel template by John Papa

Server ASP.NET Web Api
Entity Framework Client durandal.js
bootstrap http://bit.ly/14tF2yw Because we do so much more than displaying data! Some desired rich data features Let's do it :) Let's look at an example Why not build a SPA? Static web sites where SEO is important
More... https://trello.com
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