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Melbourne site storybook

No description

Ivonica Bonbonica

on 2 June 2014

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Transcript of Melbourne site storybook

Quality, Coaching & Performance
myGov project &
Voice Authentication
Managers Hub
The Managers Hub is a tailored one-stop shop for managers and includes:
Melbourne Storybook

to life

Business Automation team designed and developed a capabillity to support sending emails and text messages to customers.

First point of contact for outbound campaigns
Progress of return
Cancellation of roles confirmation


Melbourne in action
Our Culture
Melbourne site
Contemporary service
Focus on customer
Need simple but sophisticated approach
Simplify and use principle based guidance

Credit Card Payments via Government Easypay website
Email first payment arrangement pilot, replaced with SMS
Improved electronic interaction with clients
Outcome focused conversations with customers in Early Collections
Moving away from scripting to more natural interactions
Holistic view of customer's overall position
Melbourne in Action
Customer Experience
We authorise the behaviour we walk past
Lead the people; manage the risk
Partner with customers
We have created layers of bureaucracy; we can remove them
De-clutter - we do not have to cover every 'if, but and maybe'
Challenge the status quo and invest in achieving the 2020 vision

Management Development program -24 EL1 and EL2 managers currently participating
Melbourne intermediary visits
Alignment of purpose and actions to ATO goals and Debt themes
Melbourne in action
Commercial approach to debt management
Behavioural insights conversations
Debt Wildcard pilot (April - July 2014)
Melbourne in action
Our Culture
Organisations don't change until people change
We've created robots, we've done this to our people
Culture eats strategy for breakfast
Manage change, otherwise it will be imposed on us
We really can't slow down - if everything feels like it's under control we're probably not going fast enough

Melbourne in action
Following on from establishing central teams to manage finance and L&D, SD has now brought together KCM, EWM and QMAP to achieve a single view of our work and sharing of expertise across BSLs.
Managers Hub
Learning Hub due for release 30 June
Career self-service extended pilot
KCM working towards providing our people with consistent and streamlined information that is easy to locate and tailored support to the role they perform
Job roles will change - new roles will emerge, new skills required
What are the opportunities for me?
Is what we are doing actually adding value?

Melbourne site
Support tools, in a more customised way

Best practice, up-to-date management tips

Guide to L&D offerings
Fast-tracked access to PHL

Real time communication
580 Service Delivery staff
300 bike racks
Sustainable building
Multicultural workforce
5 star Green star design
Light, bright and flexible
5 star NABERS Energy rating
Desktop services
in quiet rooms
Video Conference
Occupancy sensors
in all rooms
Design is underway to achieve a single, consistent approach to Quality, Coaching and Performance across Service Delivery.

This will facilitate consistent expectations around coaching and performance, and provide the vehicle for an ongoing focus on improvement.

Critically looking at what is being applied across the BSLs and questioning where we can maximise value and outcome.

Expect there will be reductions in process, removal of duplications and improved tools available to managers who use this framework.
Email and SMS Capability
This capability was built as part of the Electronic Interaction with Customers initiative. A suite of tools is used across the ATO for various purposes, e.g.

Service Delivery customer experience

Small Business customer
self-lodges their BAS. Customer is willing and able to be compliant.
Both initiatives are managed by CS&S in Melbourne forming part of the transformational strategy to achieve ATO's vision for 2020
Voice authentication
matches a person's voice to their voiceprint to verify their identity.
is a fast and simple way to access government online services.

myGov can connect to multiple agencies using one account and one password.
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