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The Agent Files


Theresa Waller

on 22 August 2014

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Transcript of The Agent Files

Ada Waller
Agent 21758462937489
Maria Talluto
Agent 643542862
Adriana Waller
Agent 1245678910
Zeus Waller
Agent 12345678910
Agent Files
My Family
Michelle Waller
Agent 29356682345
Agent 0987654321
Wayne Waller
Theresa Waller
Agent 00000001
Code Name: Mema
Abilities: Cooking
Likes: Cats, Healthy Food
Dislikes: Junk Food
Age: A Bazillion (I kid I kid! Age: Unknown)
Code Name: Aunt Maria
Age: 50 Something
Likes: I have no idea
Dislikes: None (I think)
Code Name: Zeusiepoo
Abilities: Stuff
Age: 4
Abilities: Snoring, being stinky
Likes: Cheese, meat, food, me
Dislikes: Stairs, vacuums, baths
Code Name: Mom
Age: 48
Abilities: Anger Issues
Likes: Few
Dislikes: Many
Code Name: Daddy
Abilities: Body Building
Likes: Eating Junk Food
Dislikes: When we eat junk food
Code Name: A.D.
Abilities: Sharp Nails, having a death grip on a dog so it won't run away
Likes: Dogs
Dislikes: Sarcasm (But she uses it!?!)
Abilities: Sneaking without being seen, and knowledge of what an animal's movement means
Likes: Food, tv, sleeping in, sweatpants, pop, and popcorn
Dislikes: Chihuahuas, kids who cheat in practice, and certain boys in my class
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