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No description

Jason Lukose

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of Heathcliff

Relation to Heathcliff
Who is Heathcliff?
Heathcliff is the central character of Wuthering Heights
"Anti - Hero" of the story
Adopted by Mr. Earnshaw at a young age
Characterized by: thick,low brows; black-haired; tall; athletic
Catherine's love
Hated by Hindley Earnshaw
Married: Isabella Linton
Children: Linton Heathcliff
Who is Nelly (Ellen Dean)?
Nelly is the Housekeeper of Thushcross Grange and Wuthering Heights throughout the novel.
She is more than a servant towards the characters, especially Catherine and Heathcliff.
Nelly is the only one that understands Catherine's love for Heathcliff.
Nelly sees Heathcliff grow from an early age, abused and rejected by Hindley.
Further into the book, Nelly tries to keep Young Catherine away from the hands of Heathcliff.
Nelly was forbidden from Wuthering Heights by Heathcliff until she was asked to return.
Who is Hindley Earnshaw?
Who is Catherine Earnshaw?
Committee Project
By: Mathisha W, Kegan D, Daniel M, Kareem N, Jason L
Period One
Who is Mr. Earnshaw?
Who is Isabella Linton?
Who is Hareton Earnshaw?
Who is Mr. Lockwood?
Father of Catherine and Hindley
Found Heathcliff starving in the streets and adopts Heathcliff as his own son
Always favored Heathcliff over Hindley, which led to Hindley's hatred of Heathcliff
Married to: Mrs.Earnshaw
Son of Mr. Earnshaw and Brother of Catherine
Ever since childhood, Hindley's resentment for Heathcliff grew.
Resentment towards Heathcliff results from lack of father's affection/jealousy
Hindley forced Heathcliff to be a servant when Mr.Earnshaw died.
After the death of his wife, Hindley falls victim to gambling and alcoholism.
Attempts to murder Heathcliff but does not triumph
Heathcliff buys Wuthering Heights from him.
Married: Frances
Children: Hareton Earnshaw
Edgar Linton's pampered/privliged sister
Upbringing brings shart contrast to Catherine's
Suffers from a combination of boredom and envy of Cathrine, despite being higher class than her
Heathcliff does not try to keep Isabella from wooing him
Seems to be interested in Heathcliff because he's dark and brooding
Her infatuation with Heathcliff is risky and silly, and she fails to realize that he is using her entirely
Isabella lived a dreadful and miserable life with Heathcliff
Heathcliff never truly loved Isabella.
She moves to London soon afterwards.
Married: Heathcliff
Children: Linton
Daughter of Mr. Earnshaw; Brother of Hindley Earnshaw
Heathcliff and Catherine grew up as childhood friends; As they grow older, they fall in love
Didn't marry Heathcliff because it would ruin her reputation to marry so low
Heathcliff runs away and returns a new man, trying to impress Catherine with wealth and status.
The betrayal by her causes Heathcliff to seek revenge for the rest of his life
She tells Heathcliff that he is her only love on her deathbed.
Married: Edgar Linton
Children: Young Catherine (Cathy Linton)
One of the tenants at the Grange
Primary narrator of the novel, but upon close inspection, his judgement of certain situations can be a little off.
From the beginning, you can tell he is a bumbler when it comes to his narrating (Heathcliffe's dogs [four-footed fiends] and mistakes about who is who in the estate)
Not much is known personally about him other than that he does not handle uncomfortable situations well
To judge him, you have to base it on the few actions he does, like how he reacts to the ghost.
Lockwood's thoughts commence and conclude the tragic story of Heathcliff.
Lockwood's final thoughts show Heathcliff's bare gravestone along with the other two; He concludes the story by wondering: "how anyone could ever imagine unquiet slumbers for the sleepers in that quiet earth."
Son of Hindley and Frances Earnshaw
Has a "look of Catherine in his eyes"
Ignorant, dirty, and uneducated
Catherine Linton teaches him to read and write
They fall in love
He sees Heathcliff as his true father, and when
he dies, Hareton is devestated and cries as he
buries him.
Ironically, "...Hareton, the most wronged, was
the only one who really suffered much (for
Heathcliff's death)
He and Catherine plan to marry on New Years Day,
and live in Thrushcross Grange.
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