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Animal Abuse

Inquiry project on animal abuse

Catherine Fei

on 18 February 2013

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Transcript of Animal Abuse

This is a dog that its owner
usually has at h me. ANIMAL
ABUSE! Uh...Why are you
looking at me? Today we are going to talk about... The REALLY REALLY bad.. By a person named Catherine THIS IS A REALLY SMALL CAGE! CALL THE POLICE! I NEED FOOD AND WATER! I'm here ...is a dog been abused. What is animal abuse? Animal abuse is an inappropriate action
that gives pets (like dogs and cat) or other
animals (like cows and pigs) pain. For this dog in the picture, it was
being put in a very small cage .
Also, you can see there's no food or
water nearby this poor dog. And look at that,
there's an old tire beside the dog. That means
this cage was put in an abandoned backyard. Pain= food or water
= shelter
= medical attention
= love What is pain? NO FOOD?????????
GOD! CATHERINE For dogs, mostly they
are abused in this place. POOR LITTLE DOG! Even Molly needs love! P U P P Y M I L L !!!!!! From the eyes you can tell that this is a really bad place for a pet to be in. What does a puppy mill do? Puppy mills are facilities that won't treat the puppies well. Think of it like a factory for animals. Dogs are products made for profit. And they're bred as often as possible. *:The dogs in the puppy
mill are mostly abandoned. And they
will go to: *:Although I said it,
not every dog in the
pet shop is from the
puppy mill. Puppy Mill Pet Shop Some poor puppies are kept in very little cages in their entire lives! And they're bred as often as possible. THIS, can make puppies VERY sick.
See the puppy mill picture? Nobody is cleaning the cage! I'll show you again... And this is the worst... If they pee everywhere... If they are roaring like a lion... If they are trying to escape...... So in the easy words, the ones who do puppy mill business care about nothing except the newborn puppy dogs that can give them a chance to make profit. Actually, not only locking animals in a tiny cage and don't give them their needs is animal abuse. I decided to show you these pictures of different animals been abused. Some of the animal being abused will be seriously injured.
Some of them will even die. And these pictures showed several ways of intentional cruelty (second level cruelty),
which really hurt the animals. Neglect cruelty means the failure to provide their needs. They're different, but they both are animal cruelty/abuse. BUT! DON'T PANIC! THERE ARE SEVERAL
WAYS TO FIGHT ANIMAL ABUSE! If you see someone doing something that looks like animal abuse, you can always contact: THE POLICE DEPARTMENT A LOCAL HUMANE SOCIETY AN ANIMAL CONTROL AGENCY If the criminal who is doing animal abuse(no matter what kind of it), they can receive mostly one year being in prison and a fine of $1000. Usually that's it. After they're 'out', many of them don't do it again. But some do. And if they really do it again, well, they will keep going into prison until they finally settle down. This is not an advertisement, and this is not a joke.
There are already over 100 countries that made laws for
"Anti-Animal-Abuse." People are trying to protect the animals. Animal abuse can cause big harm to the animals, food chain and ecosystem. Nobody should agree with something that caused pain to the animals on Earth. THE END Uh... Why are you looking at me? I'm THAT popular?! And THIS.. When a dog had reached its fertility max, it will be either killed or passed onto other puppy mills. dogs sell AND REMEMBER! NEVER, NEVER STOP THEM BY YOURSELF!
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