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Assassins Creed -Explained

Up to the current date on all Assassins Creed games based on knowledge that was released to the public at that time. More games and info will be in the next update soon.

Adrian Vargas

on 24 March 2016

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Transcript of Assassins Creed -Explained

Nothing is true, everything is permitted.
Assassins Creed 1
In the rustic past of the 11Th century, the devoted assassin, Altair Ibn-La'Ahad, travels through historic cities and lands such as Jerusalem, Damascus and Tyre, leaving his home town Acre. There he had been trained to be an assassin after the death of his parents. The Assassin tower was conquered by Templars so Altair went to take it back. He succeeded but trouble started again. Altair later found out who was responsible for his fathers wrongful death sentence, his former friend and assassins father who later committed suicide because of the guilt that overwhelmed him. Altair had told Abbas repeatedly his father killed himself but Abbas denied that his father died a coward. What Altair is in search for is the Apple of Eden which can help stop the Templar order from controlling the world. Altair then finds the apple only to have his mentor Al Mualim become corrupted and tried destroying the assassin order. Altair had no choice but to kill him and burn his body. Abbas, already with a hatred for Altair, accused him of murdering their mentor without a just cause. Altair and his wife later came back after the the assassin order was split in half. He presented himself to Abbas and pleaded to stop the fighting. Abbas demanded the apple so he took it out only to have it take control of Altair and then stab his own wife. Altair escaped with his last son out of Acre and was banished forever. Many years later Altair came back in an elderly age to kill Abbas. He finally reached the temple and used a hidden gun he claimed he saw in a vision of a future time. After his success Altair locked himself up, apple in hand inside the underground temple walls thus ending his final years.
Desmond Miles
The Animus
The Apple
Here is what a piece of Eden looks like. It was created by the ones who came before and was used for control over the citizens that lived long ago. There is multiple pieces of Eden so Desmond travels through each of his ancestors memories to find the Apples dotted around the globe.
The animus is a million dollar machine run by Abstergo that allows this captured bartender named Desmond to relive the memories of his ancestors through their similar genetic structure. This is the device that ties all the stories together. The owner of the company is Warren Vidic and is the brains behind the operation. His goal is to use Desmond to find the pieces of Eden. Desmond's back story is explained in a later game. Desmond had someone before him whom they also used to find the apples. Since the mysterious subject had died in the animus, they found Desmond and saw he had similar DNA to the past subject so they can continue their research.
Assassins Creed 2
The next installment of the series is Assassins Creed 2 where Desmond controls his wealthy and charming Italian ancestor born in 1492, Ezio Auditore Da Firenze.
He grew up in the town of Florence with his Mother, Sister Claudia, Father, and two Brothers, Federico and Petruccio. His father and brothers were wrongfully hanged by a corrupt Borgia official. Ezio has his Mother and sister left along with his Uncle Mario. Ezio's father before he died explained to him that he belonged to an assassinating heritage and that there was a chest in his office containing his old belongs, which were to be passed on to him. His farther also told him to look for his uncle Mario. Ezio is now notorious to the Borgia guards and goes to his old friend Leonardo Da Vince to look at the blueprints to construct a hidden blade. Da Vince makes a successful hidden blade which Ezio uses to Assassinate the Borgia official before fleeing Florence with his family to uncle Mario's Tuscan Villa in Monterrigiano. He then sets out to Assassinate important political leaders who have Templar control over Italy. He learns that Cesare Borgia and Rodrigo Borgia are the main leaders and goes to end their Templar reign over the Roman government. Ezio travels to Rome and attempts to assassinate him during a church service. He is unsuccessful and ends up only fighting him taking the pope's Staff that has the apple. Ezio takes it to the bottom level of the Vatican and gets a vision to continue being an assassin so Desmond can get the apple. In the real world Desmond and the group are discovered and attacked by Abstergo agents and have to fight their way out.
In between the two games Desmond breaks out of abstergo with the help of Lucy Stillman a secret undercover assassin. In a hideout in Italy they have the Animus 2.0 where Shaun Hastings and Rebecca Crane help the two.
Assassins Creed II
Assassins Creed Brotherhood
In Assassins Creed Brotherhood Ezio continues his journey in Rome to rid of Templar control there and learn the secrets of Desmond and the apple. His Uncle Mario met Ezio in the Vatican to escort him back to the villa. Ezio looks around feeling at home when cannons started launching an attack on Monterrigiano. Ezio fights them off until the citizens can escape. Ezio spots Cesare at the entrance and witnesses his uncle get shot. He barely escapes, tired and injured and rides out of the city. He finds a building that suits their families needs and starts an assassin training order there. Ezio finds Niccolo Machiavelli and discusses strategies to find Cesare and kill him. Ezio assassinates political leaders and destroys influential Borgia towers. though out Rome. In doing so he finds civilians uprising against guards so Ezio assists them and decides to recruit them to aid him when needed. Ezio travels back to the Vatican to assassinate Cesare Borgia and take the apple. He finds Cesare murdering the pope and going to find the apple at its location it was discovered in. Ezio gets to the apple first but fails to assassinate Cesare. Although he has weakend his defenses and forces Cesare to retreat. Cesare tries to rebuild his army by preforming certain political actions to get the citizens of Rome to join his fight against the assassin order. Every attempt fails as Ezio quickly travels to wherever he is and stops him from succeeding. This happens for months and finally Cesare and his army had been defeated. Cesare was arrested but vowed his revenge to get out. In 1507 Cesare is released from jail only to have Ezio find him in the battle of Spain in Viana. Ezio fights through his forces and confronts him on a bridge in the towns regal households. Ezio kills him by dropping him from a bridge and goes to place the apple in the sanctuary in the Roman Colosseum. In the real world Desmond and the trio go to the Vatican to find the apple only to have the goddess Juno take control of him and stab Lucy in the Abdomen, putting Desmond and the series into a Coma.
Assassins Creed
Assassins Creed Revelations
The story takes place in said coma, Desmond was placed into the Animus and he found himself on an island created by the animus database. There Desmond finds Subject 16, a test subject who died and his mind was left in the Animus. Sixteen explains that in order to get back to his body was to find unfinished memories and crack them open. Desmond goes into the portal and enters Acre and in the town Masyaf, where Ezio stands at the edge of the old Assassin tower. Ezio is looking for the library that holds the knowledge about the life of Altair in Masyaf but finds he needs five keys to open the chamber. He finds the templar captian and goes to assassinate him to retrive Altairs scroll. When Ezio succeeds he travels to Constantinople find his contact, the leader of the assassin order, Yusuf Tazim. Ezio then quests for the five Masyaf keys with the help of a Italian noble named Sofia. Ezio finds Niccolo Polo's journals and Sofia can use them to discover the location of each key. Meanwhile the two prince's fight over who will be the next Sultan. Prince Selim suspects the Templar are behind this and sends Ezio to find the leader and kill him. Ezio finds the last key in an underground city. There he is confronted by Prince Ahmed and surrenders the keys for Sofia's safety. Ezio races back to Constantinople and rescues Sofia. Ezio gets the keys back and arrests Prince Ahmed. Ezio is banished from the land and goes to Masyaf to open the library. Ezio finds no books only Altair's skeleton and the apple. Ezio, knowing no one is there yet he knows he is listening talks to Desmond realizing he is just a conduit for a message and tells Desmond the information he has learned. Jupiter then tells Desmond to head to New York because its the only way to stop the planet from being destroyed in a second impending solar flare. After the message Desmond is brought back to Animus Island, where it was being deleted by the animus. Sixteen gets deleted but saves Desmond from the animus wiping him out. He wakes up and finds his father standing next to him, waiting for his return back to conciseness.
Assassins Creed III
The story begins after Desmond wakes up and finds the central data vault in New York and opens it with the Apple. Upon entering Desmond installs an ancient power unit and sees a huge door made of energy. Desmond begins to feel nauseous and falls unconscious. His Dad put him in the animus and checks his vitals. The world spawns in on a mysterious English nobleman known as Haytham Kenway heading to the theater. Haytham takes a seat but in the middle of the show he sneaks off behind the stage and up in to a theater box. He sits behind a man watching the play and assassinates him and takes his necklace. Haytham then leaves and enters a meeting, they want him to head to the new colonies where the apple is hidden. Haytham sails and meets his contacts, Charles Lee, John Pitcairn, Benjamin Church, Thomas Hickey, William Johnson and Nicholas Biddle. Haytham assassinates the slave trader General Braddock and meets a native american woman named Kaniehti:io. Because he set her free she takes him to the vault but finds the necklace that was a key didn't work. Haytham heads back to Boston and makes his apprentice Charles Lee an honorary Templar. Desmond wakes up surprised and is told he must get another power source in New York. He goes to a office in a large building and is confronted by Daniel Cross a Templar agent. Desmond knocks him out and escapes and heads back into the animus. Connor's part in the story is introduced as he is born as from his mother Kaniehti:io and father Haytham Kenway. They separate after Ratonhnhaké:ton's mom finds out who Haytham really is, a Templar. Ratonhnhaké:ton and his friends are playing hide and seek in the forest when Charles Lee finds Ratonhnhaké:ton and interrogates him on where his village is. Ratonhnhaké:ton gets knocked out and wakes up chocking in smoke, he walks wearily back to his village only to see it on fire. Ratonhnhaké:ton looks for his mother and finds her under a pile of the collapsed burning roof. He tries to remove the wood but gets dragged away seeing his mother die right in front of him. Ratonhnhaké:ton grows up to be 17 and is teaching his friend how to hunt and climb trees. After their learning session they head back to the restored village and meets the clan mother. Ratonhnhaké:ton has a vision from the goddess Juno telling him to seek the Assassin symbol from and old African American man off the frontier. Ratonhnhaké:ton finds him and asks to be trained. He stays nights relentlessly trying to get him to say yes. Finally the man gives up and makes Ratonhnhaké:ton come inside the house. He introduces himself saying he is Achillies Davenport and is a retired Assassin. Ratonhnhaké:ton and Achilles head to Boston to get supplies and is given a new name, Connor. Achilles shows Connor the homestead and refurbishes a sunken ship that Connor can use to sail the Atlantic coast. Desmond retrieves another Power core from Brazil and gets back into the animus. Connor is trained for months so Achilles take him to a secret underground lair where there are pictures of his father and the Templar followers and Achilles old assassin outfit. Connor puts on the outfit and goes back to the portraits next to Achilles. Connor realizes that they all have to die even his father. Connor begins to assassinate Haythams followers starting with Nicholas Biddle, William Johnson, and John Pitcairn. Haytham later finds Connor and almost kills him but asked for his help. Haytham believes that Benjamin Church is a traitor and they go to kill him. Haytham leaves and Connor is off to finish off the rest of the targets. When Connor goes after his next target Thomas Hickey he is placed under arrest for false accusations to murder George Washington. Connor is about to be Hanged when Achilles saves him and Connor kills Hickey before he can kill Washington. Connor finds out Charles location and goes to confront him. Connor instead finds his Dad Connor kills his father and chases after Charles Lee. he finds him at the Boston docks almost boarding a ship to leave when Connor chases him onto a boat under construction. The boat burns down down and starts falling apart so They both land at the bottom of the boat. Connor is stabbed by a wooden peg and is severely injured. Charles almost finishes him off when Connor grabs a pistol and places two shots into Charles. Charles survives and leaves the city. Connor chases him to a tavern and finishes off Charles and takes the key on a necklace. Connor buries the key in his fake grave. Desmond goes after his father who was captured by Abstergo and kills Vidic, saves his father and finds another power core. Shaun returns from Rome where he got a hold of another power core and Desmond places each one in. They get the buried key and uses it to open the door. Desmond finds an orb and is greeted by Juno. Juno says if he places his hand on it it will create a shield around the earth saving it from the wrath sun. Then Minerva from Ezio's time .appears and tells Desmond to stop. Desmond says its the only way and does what Juno commanded. Desmond places his hand on it and Dies after all his life energy is drained.
Sources Include...
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Song Assassins Creed 3 Theme
Copyright of Ubisoft.
Black Flag starts in the era of the 1600's where you play as the Assassin and Caribbean sailing pirate Edward Kenway, father of Haytham and Grandfather of Connor. His adventure begins as a buccaneer working aboard a pirates ship during a large storm and naval battle, an Assassin was attacking the ship he was on. Edward witnesses the Captian fall to the Assassins blade and realized he was next. Suddenly a keg in the bottom decks of the ship blew up and sent Edward and the Assassin flying into the water. Edward has a flashback of his late wife Caroline saying he was off to the Navy for only two years. He then wakes up and realizes hes under water still. He swims to the surface gasping for air.
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