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new and improved

Amanda Samlal

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of TARMAGEDDON

1) Water
2) Climate
3) Tailings
4) Reclamation
5) Air METHODOLOGY Per capita GHG emissions more than three times that of either Canada or the US Climate Change SOLUTIONS Caribou Population Decline PEMBINA ORG. 3 ORGANIZATIONS The Sierra Club
Greenpeace Canada
David Suzuki Organization Water That is more than 152
million cups of coffee In 2010, Enbridge spilled 1 million gallons of oil into the Kalamazoo River Endangered? Neil Austen, Julian Garas, Claire Leighton, Olivia Ong, Amanda Samlal QUESTIONS
2) Air Quality 4) Wildlife Twitter from March 1 - 31

Press releases from 2012

Websites and Annual Reports Why Does It Matter? Short Term Solution 349 million cubic metres per year

Chemical lakes "Sometimes,
incidents happen." -Alison Redford, Premier of Alberta "Why are companies allowed to create this mess without knowing the risks beforehand?" -David Suzuki Government "greenwashing" the impacts of leaks and spills Wildlife By 2020, Oil Sands are expected to release over 141 mega tonnes of greenhouse gases water contamination

ecosystems affected

health risks elevated The Oil Sands release large amounts of pollutants into the air. The Oil Sands are Canada's fastest growing source of climate change F(ISSUES)! 2010 Sierra Club Alberta's Woodland Caribou Population "Control"? Canada is failing to act meaningfully Air Quality "Tar sands production releases 82 percent more greenhouse gas emissions than conventional oil." -Environmental Protection Agency “Producing a barrel of bitumen creates more than twice as much nitrogen oxides and sulphur dioxide as producing a barrel of conventional oil.”

- Pembina Institute The Oil Sands are major contributors to the formation of acid rain A decision on the Keystone XL Pipeline is looming p Pollutants from the oil sands are creating a vicious circle Rely less upon a carbon-based economy Stop the Keystone XL Pipeline Long Term Solution "IT STARTS
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