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Happy Birthday

No description

Taylor Silver

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Happy Birthday

Maturity, strength and support
Songs I Wanna Share With You
To Be Continued...
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday, Bricker!

Today is a special day! It was the day a beautiful lady was born. A girl whom today is turning into 17 years old but it seemed she was older than me. A girl whose role model is Yuri Kwon, but has nothing to envy on her. Someone so mature for her age and someone I appreciate deeply. Coming next, I'll state the reasons why she's so dear and what makes her so special to me.
You're a kind and warmhearted person. You have a beautiful soul, and all the time, you show me this marvelous essence of yours.
I know you're sociable but you don't give your trust easily. So I consider myself lucky to have it.
You care about your friends and family. You're loyal to them and give them strength. I know, because you do it with me and I'm just one simple girl you met. But even though, I am someone who matters to you, and I'm unbelievably happy for that.
You love animals! You dislike animal mistreatment and care about nature. You look sweet while feeding bunnies, by the way. Your favorite animal is the dog! It's a common preference but they are simply adorable. Who wouldn't love them? They are sweet, caring, lovable, loyal and your best friend. They have pretty much in common with you.
You're not that type of sweet person like Tiffany Hwang, is the kind of sweetness you show with actions and the way you treat people in a very kind way. You're very gentle with me.
I wonder... Do you always say what you think? Or what people wants or needs to hear? I tend to trust in your words. Sometimes we don't follow our own advices, but you indeed are full of words of wisdom.
You're so mature for your age. I'm not saying you're perfect but you know a lot and have lived a lot as well. But each and every experience you have been through by now, have made you the person you're today. Some things are right and some are not, but you still have a lot to learn and you will be better as time goes by, because I can see the kind of person you are.
When I talk to you, I feel like talking with someone of my age or even older. That's when I know you're right when you say age doesn't define us. Yes, you joke with a lot of people, the same way you can do it with me, but you can get serious and keep your head on important matters. You're responsible, intelligent and someone to be admired.
I know you're going to say it... "I'm not someone you should admire, I have flaws, I'm not special." I still admire you, even with those flaws I do. I know the things you do wrong, you know they are, but that's not who you really are. I admire who you really are. And that person is valuable, and deserves to be admired.
You give me strength. I know, everybody must find their own strength inside of them. I do, that's how I've been fighting against the odds all my life. But I also get tired and depressed, because it's hard for me living like this, like there was no purpose. Then, you came along. I remember our first conversation. It was kinda boring. We were talking about food. And you stop answering me, I guess you left or didn't know what to say since you were looking for someone fun to talk to. Once you were even my doctor! That day, I knew you weren't just like any other, you weren't childish and wrote in a very proper way like you really knew what you were doing. How did we start talking non-stop? I really don't remember that one, but since that day I've been happier after finding a cool friend.
You're a fun person and I'm sure I would laugh my heart out with you, even though I'm not that funny. However, I still think we would have fun sharing and doing whatever is in our minds at the moment. For now, I enjoy every time we talk. I never get bored talking to you, we could talk for hours and I wouldn't get tired. Let me tell you, I'm not the type of talking that much or that frequent with someone.
Every time I feel down, I can count on you. You always give me the right words and cherish me, you do a got job in encouraging me and make me realize of things I should know and try. You made me believe I am worthy, that I'm not just a weirdo with crazy ideas in her mind. You give me the courage I need to stand up again and keep fighting. You make me see the good in me, because you can see it too. You see what I'm blinded to see, and make me know is there for me to see. You have opened my eyes. Not everyone is willing to do that for me. But you did. That's how much of a good person you are. I feel you care about me and that I mean something to you, that I'm your friend, and for that I'll be forever grateful.
Common Things We Share
We both love Girls' Generation... Obviously!
One of our bias is Kim Tae Yeon.
Our favorite song is Into the New World.
Your role model is Kwon Yu Ri and mine is Kim Tae Yeon, both from the same girl band.
We both have personality resemblance to the idols we admire.
We role play those idols.
We go around singing even when we are aware we're killing ears and leaving people deaf???
We are Locksmiths! Although, now you are shipping two more people even more than these beauties.
Now you are a hardcore Royal shipper! But... I ship those two as hard as TaeNy, so it's ok.
We are both in love and connected with Ancient Greece and Greek Mythology.
We enjoy all those books, series, movies and documentaries regarding ancient civilizations, specially this one.
We have deep appreciation for Ancient Egypt and their culture. How couldn't we? They were incredibly advanced for their time. Pyramids... I will be always intrigued by them, I guess you would too... Maybe we share the same theories about their civilization!
You love Cleopatra and I love Nefertiti. Two important pharaohs or princesses.
Do you have any idea how much I love that my friends (specially close friends) understand English and can talk it with me? I know you gotta learn more for fluent conversations but you do it pretty well and understand quite a lot! So, you're awesome!
History is quite interesting, and I'm also really interested in World War II. I say you may find it as intriguing as I do, plus, we can learn a lot from it. I say, not everything about it is as everyone appear it to be. Good thing to discuss as well in further conversations...
What's better than one cultivated person and lovely reader? Two of them!
We both like reading books and fanfics.
You say you're no writer... But sometimes I think you do it better than me and I'm supposed to be the writer. Seriously, go write something too!
You like TaeKwonDo and I like Kung Fu, you practice it and I can't, but I still love all martial arts since I can remember! You're so lucky to be able of doing it, I'm glad of it! I wish I could as well. I always wanted to be some sort of warrior. But that's another story...
We love bears, dogs and cute and beautiful animals!
We love winter... Snow is just so beautiful to watch over those trees and grass. Wouldn't you love living with such a beautiful sight? At least you could be among your friends the cute little polar bears...
We love magic... Magical creatures, magic series, magic movies but......................................................................................... WE FREAKING LOVE HARRY POTTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And that's just... So... Touching! Ok... Getting serious for a second! We... We had the best childhood, teen life... ever! I started reading the books before the first movie was even made, before it was famous!
Harry Potter is just beautiful and we both grew up with it. I know it influenced a bit of our lives, it was really something meaningful. And... WE LOVE IT!!
No words needed here... It's... It's chocolate!!!! We die for it, won't we? I'm gonna push you into a chocolate pool and then... Oh, I'm sorry! Tae just typed that for Yul... She just doesn't get this is only for you! She knows Yuri is going to read this... Such a basket case that one!!
In such a little amount of time, we've become friends. I value my friends, specially those who can also value me for whom I truly am.
Quickly, we learned to trust each other. You're somebody I know I can tell anything to, because you will understand me and help me, instead of shutting yourself down and judge me. You can count on me too, for anything.
You're this kind of friend I wish I could have near myself, but instead we're separated by kilometers of ground. However, that doesn't mean I appreciate you any less. So, that's why I show even more effort in telling you how much you mean to me in such a little while. Because friendship is not always about time but how fast they can connect and the actions that are shown to demonstrate how precious it is for the people involved.
You see... I'm taking a leap with you here. Usually, I'm the one doing good things for my friends or telling them this kind of stuff, but I never see that appreciation in return. So, I'm trusting that you are different. I know there's so much I need to know about you, and I'll be glad to understand you even more, but until now, you are the kind of friend who deserves to be told all of this. So, don't disappoint me! I know, you won't.
I have some really good friends. I trust them and I love them. Although, just a couple can understand me or have this connection with me and you're one of them.
I used to be in this cold and lonely place, where I couldn't really reach my feelings out of fear, but you have helped me overcome that little by little. Because you have given me motivation, you care about me and when we can talk about anything we want and you support me the way you do, I don't feel lonely anymore.
I want to repay you that same way, if I can help you with anything, I will, because I care about you too as well.
When we started talking and discussing a bit about reincarnation and those spiritual matters, I was having a mindblown with you! I couldn't believe it! You are unlike the others. You believe in the same I do. You can comprehend everything I say, you can keep up with me and usually no one ever does.
Although we are in different moments of our lives and experiencing in our own time and pace, we are spiritually on the same page.
I seriously think and believe that maybe I have met you before, because I feel like I knew you for a long long time.
No one... Absolutely no one has ever been able of understanding my writings the way you do. Except for one friend. But you have even surpassed his ability of understanding my meanings, the story and feelings behind my words. It's incredibly and utterly shocking, in the good way.
You were the closest person in understanding my poem. That means just a lot. That wasn't an easy poem to understand. But you know me quite enough.
You value my writings and the way I write. You also take the time in reading what I give you. You are willing to read each and every word and use part of your time on doing so.
Like me, you understand and value the true meaning of music. You know those kinds of things are expressions of the soul. Once you know the soul is the center of everything and can share that thought with someone else, the connection reaches higher places. That happens with us.
Just like me, you are able of looking at the deeper side of things which makes our conversations way more interesting and productive. However, you can also keep it simple. We can talk from about the stupidest thing to the most profound without problems.
You pay attention to dreams. Dreams are really interesting and have a deeper meaning than what people tends to give to them. Sharing dreams with you is fun, relaxing, and relieving.
We understand each other, I understand your fears and can empathize with you in a lot of matters because we have lived similar experiences in life. We are not equal but have a lot in common regarding what we've been through and what we have done to overcome problems.
I don't tell everybody about the true nature of the story I'm writing. You're just one of the chosen few I have decided to tell, because not everyone is capable of believing or understanding that kind of things.

That's all folks....!! Thank you for taking your time in reading all my babbling! I did this not to praise you or feed any ego -laughs- but to show you that I care about you as my friend and that you're very dear and important to me. I hope we can build up our closeness even more as the time passes and remember, no matter what, you can count on me. I'll always be here for you! Thank you for tolerating the whole gayness on this Prezi presentation!! I warned you, though, that I can be very sentimental with those I feel confident with and those I'm close to. So, bear with it <3 <3 <3! Well, I wish you the best birthday ever, Polar Bear, my fortune cookie :D Many many breathtaking hugs and lovely gay kisses for you... LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S.: Maybe you are not familiar with this online application? It's better than Power Point and works with Adobe Flash Player. So, use it ;) It's a thousand times better, don't you think?

With very much love,
Little Wolf.
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