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Copy of Wincote International

No description

Cleber Cirino

on 10 April 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Wincote International

Wincote International
Wincote International is an outdoor-products company based in Colorado, US.
Eighteen month ago, it launched a range jackets and boots for men and women.
The clothes were aimed at mountaineers, hikers, snowboarders, and anyone participating in extreme sports or outdoor activities.
Following the product launched, the boots sold well, but
the jacket fell below its sales target

two-layer jacket for men and women. It is a versatile, all-weather garment. Have medium and large sizes. Black colour for men and women, and red colour for women only.
Has a removable hood, 14 pockets, and a wide zipper down the centre

Differentiate the model of women’s jacket and men’s jacket
Still use the existing promotion and add promotion through social media
Problem Solving
An outdoor clothing company
Information about the jackets and how it was marketed

outdoors-product stores (e.g. camping-equipment shops), sports-goods outlets and upmarket department stores.

Price: $110,00 for man and women
full page advertisements in magazines. Half-page advertisements in newspaper, posters and point-of-sale advertisements. Product demonstrations at exhibitions.

"A jackets for all seasons"
The simple model with high quality and comfortable to wear.
More colours:



Men's Jacket
Women's Jacket
Need follow the latest fashion trends, little modification with wincote identity.
Women's jacket with more varied color
Men's and Women's Jacket with different price, because men's jacket are longer and wider than women's.
And, size of mens and women's jacket are different too.
Women's jacket has more varians than men's, because women is interest in fashion
So, is need differentiate the price of men's and women's jacket, men's jacket is more expensive than women's. Because is need more materials in production.
Today everyone use the internet and social media. They can see the Wincote's product and buy it easily
Is need relaunch the products and do more intense approach to the people who love extreme sport to increase the market share.
Sell the products in sport shop that have more visitors and on the internet
After wincote need build the own store
The best price, but not sold well!
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