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how to prepare legumes

Lindsey Edwards

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of Legumes

Preparing Dried Beans/Legumes
2.05 EE
9 Steps to Preparing Dried Legumes
1. Sort
2. Wash
3. Drain
Take Out Poor Quality beans and rocks.
To Clean
To remove dirty water
4.Cover with Water
How much water?
Twice as much water as beans
5. Soak
How long?
At least 2 hours or overnight to soften beans for cooking.
6. Drain
Remove Excess
7. Cover with fresh water
8. Bring to a boil
9. Reduce heat and simmer.
How much?
2 inches above beans so there is enough to cook beans knowing some water will evaporate
Start cooking process
How long?
Longer cooking time so beans get tender and absorb
What other methods can be used to cook beans?
Complete soaking step in microwave
Protein in Dried Beans
Dried beans are an inexpensive good source of protein when served with a grain product (rice, cornbread, etc.)
Legumes provide fiber and B Vitamins
What are the forms of beans?
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