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Building Web Applications in the Erlang Era

No description

Yurii Rashkovskii

on 10 June 2011

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Transcript of Building Web Applications in the Erlang Era

Web Applications
in the
Erlang Era Yurii Rashkovskii
Erlang Factory London 2011 Embeddable web servers cowboy >-|-|-(°> misultin web Web Apps long-running operations WebSocket browser-centric AJAX massive are no longer simple JavaScript frontends LocalStorage HTML5 socket.io live messaging diverse functionality multi-node deployments layered request dispatcher handler path query string subdomain retrieve session
validate environment
do actual work request response WebSocket external event response no longer simple but we have an amazing technology available... Erlang Rails: making web apps easy to create since 2004 Erlang: taking web apps to the next level since 2011 a perfect platform for the Web persistent connections isolated processing serving thousands of simultaneous requests
without blocking the damn thing failure means nothing. distribution transparency Toolbox Yaws Nitrogen ChicagoBoss Sessions Yaws Thank you! http://about.me/yrashk clean, fast & modular
very recent development lightweight
reasonably fast
production ready fast
websockets very mature
framework functionality
websockets browser-centric What's missing? webmachine Unified web server API ewgi simple_bridge need something better. WebSocket Yaws misultin cowboy socket.io Comet nitrogen ChicagoBoss WebSocket Adobe Flash sockets AJAX long polling AJAX multipart streaming Forever iframe JSONP polling IE 5.5+ Safari 3+ Chrome 4+ Firefox 3+ Opera 10.61 http://socket.io https://github.com/yrashk/socket.io-erlang Omar Yasin
Fred Hebert
Yurii Rashkovskii Questions? Yiss Fred Hebert (Erlang Solutions, Ltd.)
Yurii Rashkovskii this summer session id session id session id Session Process State-dependant routing
Background operations headers AJAX CGI Embedding haXe remoting forms websocket SOAP SSI great for building APIs Easier deployment & maintenance event-driven Self-confidence Fault tolerance Leader Hash ring Request Websocket External Reaction
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