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True Friends

A touching, warming Prezi about true friendship.

Skye Wayland

on 3 August 2013

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Transcript of True Friends

True Friends
What Makes a True Friend?
A true friend is someone you can trust, someone you know very well, and someone who understands you. They'll support you through anything and help you enjoy life even when it is miserable. True friends should feel like family, and they should give you great advice about many different things. They'll show you both sides of a situation, help you understand complicated things, and they will always be there for you. No matter what, they'll always lend you a hand.
How Many True Friends Does one Have?
You would usually think you have many great friends, but most of the time, people only have one or two true, pure friends. Even if you may think you don't have a true friend, they're there. Somewhere. Don't look hard for a true friend; they'll come to you when the time is right. Anyway, it might just be the person you'd least expect!
What Kind of Person Will one's True Friend Be?
Your true friend can be the total opposite of you, or they might be just the same. As they say, "Opposites attract" and "Great minds think alike". Even if your one true friend is your twin or your complete opposite, from time you'll get to know them better and you might be more similar (or different!) than you think.
"Best Friends Forever"
You and your true friend will obviously be BFFs in time, but keep in mind that your true friend might change, too. Don't be alarmed if your supposedly "true friend" starts acting mean and the new kid at your school is being ultra nice to you. Experiment with different kinds of people; it's just like switching through a love life. Maybe your newest friend will be a better true friend than your current BFF. The main thing is, you never know; just keep your heart open to that one special true friend.
By Skye Wayland :)
The End
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