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Nikon Corporation

No description

Jeremy Lim

on 6 October 2017

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Transcript of Nikon Corporation

Competitor Analysis
Corporate Strategy
Horizontal growth through related diversification into imaging by means of joint venture approach.
SWOT Analysis
Introduction of Nikon
Nikon Corporation
Syarifah Nur Farzana
Joanne Christine Micheal
Iylia Shamira
Mohammad Naquiddin
Jeremy Lim
Implementation Plan
A Japanese Multinational Corporation
Established on the 25th of July 1917 as Japan Optical Industries Co. Ltd.
It manufactures and sales products such as camera, lenses, binocular,microscopes etc.
Product range : Imaging products (56.9%), Intruments (7.8%), Precision Equipment (33.2%), and Other(2.7%)
Nikon has created the first digital SLRs for NASA, used in the space Shuttle
They are also known for their high quality of camera lenses and innovation than extinguish Nikon from any other brand.
Vision & Mission
To recognize what customers want from imaging today and tomorrow, and to sanction them through images to realize their dreams.
‘Meeting needs. Exceeding expectation’
They believe in offering new value that exceeds the customers’ expectations and producing products that could lead the current and future market by maximizing their knowledge and understanding
The established and recognized brand name.Good branding through sponsorship of events and sports teams.

High market occupancy

High technology in the production of products

High quality products

Effective distribution of products

Effective integration of digital platforms like social networking sites in its marketing efforts has helped attract larger target audience

High price of camera

High stock levels of products

Dependence on particular products and businesses. Precision equipment business and imaging products business account for 90%

Instances of alleged violation of competition laws incurred penalties and hurt the brand image a few times.

Increasing market demand trend in LCD and DSLR market

Horizontal diversification into related products.

Online sales opportunity by leveraging e-commerce market and effectively using online marketing options.

More innovative product offerings for the customer.

Expanding presence in the global marke

Increasing camera phones in the market and their social networking integration facilitating easy sharing of photos

Rapid technological changes

Reducing semi-conductor market capital spending

Market liberalization (more competitors such as Canon, Olympus and Samsung)

Competition with black market, parallel import and smuggle goods

Had diversify into industries like sports optic, precision equipment, instrument products.
Nikon, Japan and Essilor from France had established to a joint company in the year of 1999 and name is as Nikon-Essilor Co., Ltd.
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