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How Bottled Water is Made

The process of how the water is purified and raw materials that are included in the water and the container.

Imelda Gonzalez

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of How Bottled Water is Made

How Bottled Water is Made Step 1: How the Water is Purified [Reverse Osmosis] Step 2: Adding Minerals Reverse Osmosis is done by:
Adding pressure to the opposite osmotic natural flow
[Pressure must be above the osmotic pressure]
Leaves dissolved particles in a highly consintrated solution There are two main membrane filters
CTA- cellulose triacetate
TFC- thin film composite Differences:
CTA is used when the water source is clorinated and is used with city or town filtrations TDS is used when the water source is non-clorinated or has a high amount of TDS [Total Dissovled Solids] and is resistant to bacteria Some companies may put their own minerals or usethe ones that were originally in the water Making of Plastic Bottles Polyethylene terephthalate [PET] is used for making the bottles Melted PET is put into moldings Moldings heat up to make a tube like shape (size depends on product size) Sent to another molding machine to make definite shape Tested to make sure the durability is strong enough for carrying product Gets filled with the product that is being distributed Product and the bottle gets distributed :) The END
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