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Why do we need to save the Rainforest?

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lynnette schlueter

on 22 February 2014

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Transcript of Why do we need to save the Rainforest?

Reason 1
We need the rainforest for its medicines that we get from the rainforest. We use these medicines to kill of cancer cells and types of other diseases.
Pictures from slashing and burning.
Reason 3
If we keep cutting down the rainforest then it causes children and adult labor for slashing and burning. Even though they need the money for food it is still wrong to have people cutting down the rainforest in an unsafe environment.
Although there are many resources we could use from cutting down the rainforest, we still need to preserve the rainforest because we would also loose a lot of valuable resources.
Reason 2
We need the rainforest because it collects the carbon dioxide from the air and it lets out the oxygen in order for us to breath.
Why do we need to save the Rainforest?
picture of deforestation
I found the reason above from paragraph 8 from the article"Wealth in the Rainforest", it states, chemicals from plants destroy certain types of cancer cells.
This makes me think that if we keep cutting down the rainforest that people may die younger because there will not be all the medicines we get from the plants.
In the article"Wealth in the Rainforest" paragraph 16 it talks about the fact that we need the trees in order for us to breath because it collects the carbon dioxide from the air and releases oxygen.
This makes me think that if we keep cutting down the trees then what will happen to us without oxygen?
I found this reason from the pictures, captions, and text from the article "Reporting on the Rainforest". In those pictures what is saw was sad, there was nothing but people working and looking like they were going to drop down and die.
From this article it lead me to believe that even though these people are doing it to get money for food, they are harming their bodies by breathing the chemicals caused from slashing and burning.
A tree in the rainforests life cycle.
Cutting down trees provides lots of work and employment for people to earn money and if we continue to cut down the trees then people will stay employed.
However I think that those people should be able to find a new job and work somewhere else. Evidence says, people who are inclined to construction working would would also have the chance to be employed. this shows that if construction workers can be employed as people who can cut down the rainforest, then why cant people who cut down the rainforest work as construction workers?
Although there are many resources we need from cutting down the rainforest, we would still loose many other resource we need from the rainforest. Therefore, I recommend that we take into consideration what all the important resources we need before cutting down the rest of the rainforest. If we don't take it into consideration then a lot of animals will become extinct and we would loose alot of valuable resources.
The Rainforest!
Tropical Rainforest Highlighted!
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