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Absolute Monarch - Charles I

No description

Tucker Pitts

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of Absolute Monarch - Charles I

By: Tucker Pitts Absolute Monarch - Charles I Objective Statement Photos The main purpose of this resume is for me, Charles I, to become the monarch of your country. After you read my resume, I'm sure you'll want to have me as your monarch. I am afraid someone or some people are trying to overthrow me in my own country, and I need to get out of here, or I am sure I will be killed. I have led England to power, and riches. I do enjoy a challenge sometimes, so I may be able to help your country grow richer, advance intellectually and also be able to advance your country's economy. Extra Map of England Accomplishments Experience Being the monarch of such a strong country like England, I have gained a lot of experience. I know how an economy works, a strong one too. I know how to keep the government in check, and also know how to keep the people in check. My laws were strict, and very easy to follow. It was hard for someone to break one of my laws, so not many were jailed, unless they committed treason, and people loved me, so you can know that not many will commit treason. I have fought in wars also, and can keep an army strong and strong willed. The 100 year war is my most famous war that I was in, and I may have lost, but I have learned from that experience, and grown as a ruler. I lost lots, but know how to learn from mistakes like that. I have had great people that have worked under me. I can make people grow as rulers, and continue higher in the ranks in the government, and become loved rulers and maybe one day become king or queen, and become very famous in history one day. One of my many references is my son, Charles II. He was able to see my many achievements, and witness the outcomes of each one. He saw England grow and become stronger under my rule, and see people learn more. He knows what a good ruler I am, and he knows that I can make almost any country grow and become richer and stronger. Another reference I have is Lord Lucan. He helped my country grow also, and agrees with almost everything I did, and knows how to also help me govern a country and grow. If you make me your monarch, you will realize how good of a team we can be. These are just some photos of me in case you need them One of my many accomplishments was the creation of my heir, Charles II, and my spare heir, James II. James II helped create the Glorious Revolution, due to his adherence to Roman Catholicism. I also made Parliament stronger, and become a bigger part of the English government. Since I am leaving England, they have became a constitutional monarchy. References This video shows my power over Parliament, and just how how strong my parliament grew under my rule
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