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History Project

No description

Alyssa Underwood

on 18 April 2010

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Transcript of History Project

Events Brown V. board of education The supreme court decided that
segregated was unconstitutional. so forth
some schools allowed colors. Voting rights Act of 1965
The federal law made it so that
voting booths did not have
the literaracy test for colors. Little rock nine There were nine colored students
that had the courage to go to the
all white school of central high school. White Flight White middle class families
were moving out and
afrian-americans moved in. People Martin Luther King Jr. He was an inspirational
leader for the colored
people. He gave a "I have
a dream" speach. Rosa Parks She was a colored
person that wouldnt
give up her seat to a
white man on the bus. Thurgood Marshall He was the first colored
man to become a supreem
court justice worker. Lyndon Johnson He was the 36 president
and served all positions
of represenitive, senetor,
vice president and presedent. Strategies Mongomery Bus Boycott this was a reaction to the
arresting of Rosa Parks. This stategy
was a great sucsess. It made busses
want african-americans on the bus. Sit-Ins this was used in a way
of showing how the
coloreds could act.
The colored would sit in all
white area to show this. Freedom Rides This was when blacks and
whites would ride the buses
to protest for segregated buses Freedom Summer This was when there was
an effort to get african-american
voters in mississippi. The kkk was
against this and stated bombing
people to stop this. Organizations SCLC The SCLC standa for southern
christian leadership conference.
It was lead by Martin luther king jr.
This was a non-violent organization. KKK This stands for the ku klux klan.
It was a violent organization that
was against blacks. This was an
organization that took place in the
SNCC This stands for Students non-
violence. This was more rapid than
SCLC , they worked on the civil rights. Black panther An organization founded in
1966 in okland. This was to get
black power and armed resistance
to whites.
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