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The Future Java Developer - JFokus

JFokus 2011 talk, about new abilities and new markets for the Java developer

Bruno Souza

on 26 October 2011

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Transcript of The Future Java Developer - JFokus

Remote Work the new world Cloud Computing Distributed Teams Agile Methods Dynamic Languages New Gadgets More processing power fine-grained cost faster results New business Software as a service New worries... Lock in SLA Security Price policy How can we build the Future? Women in technology
Studies show that the presence of women in technology will increase inovation by mitigating the problems of homogeneous groups
Many companies like IBM and Google, as well as universities and governments are financing programs to increase the number of women in tech

Nanobots in the human body
research from Ray Kurzweil
Nanotechnology In Medicine:

Driveless cars:
Java Under the Hood:

76% of the brasilians prefer to work remotely
http://www.tiinside.com.br/22/11/2010/maioria-dos-brasileiros-prefere-trabalhar-remotamente/ti/204779/news.aspx Will the future be like this? * those are future proof emails... Sven Reimers
sven.reimers@gmail.com *

Bruno Souza
bruno@javaman.com.br *
@brjavaman Challenges Parallel Programming Cloud Multicore The Future Java Developer Tools Speech to Code Platforms Client (Desktop / Mobile) Server Embedded Tablets
Fat Clients (RCP)
Rich UI
Blurring the Border of Web / Desktop RCP TNG Better UI
User Experience
Multi Language
written using DSL's New Fields Integration with the real world Arduíno Virtual Worlds Large data Hadoop NoSQL Biometrics Biotechnology New Gadgets Cars Phones Tablets analysis Frameworks New Languages on the JVM Should I use? the end of
Java? Why more languages? Clojure Scala Groovy JRuby Jython Visage Freedom from Platform Software has no limits... This would be ridiculous on the real world... But it is a true joke in
software development! Freedom of Imagination! To prepare for
the Future Create architectures looking for simplicity Deploy applications in the Cloud Work with distributed teams from different cultures Think of services Neal Ford Become a Polyglot Programmer! Freedom to learn and
build from others Freedom to Work
from Anywere... Freedom from
hardware... TVs Nanobots Mirah DSLs 42
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