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Age Play 101

No description

Sara Paws

on 22 November 2014

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Transcript of Age Play 101

Age Play 101
What is age play?
a form of role playing in which an individual acts or treats another as if they were a different age, sexual or non-sexually. Age play is role playing between adults, and involves consent from all parties.
Why do people age play?
Stress relief from everyday adult life
Provides a form of comfort or a feeling of safety
Recreation of childhood
And it's just so much fun!!
Who participates in age play?
Step 1: If you age play, raise your hand
Step 2: Look around the room.
(If you colored and enjoyed it... YOU TOO!!)
But seriously, anyone can participate in age play.

Age play doesn't have to mean you're role playing a younger age, you can age play any age.

Someone I know is a little. What do I do?
Color with them
Pick up one of their plushies (ask first, of course), give him (or her) a voice, and have a fun time being silly with them!
Sit next to them and tell them an exciting story
Get a bottle of blowies (bubbles) and blow TONS of bubbles!
Tickle monster!!!
Play dress up
I've heard things about diapers?
Some age players incorporate diapers into their age play; Others don't.

Diapers aren't required and should never be expected.
I'm uncomfortable with age play. What should I do?
Just say so.
"I'm uncomfortable with age play, would you mind stopping?"
"I don't consent to this."
"It's nice to know you're so comfortable with me, but I don't enjoy age play."
"No thanks, I'm not into age play"
"We didn't negotiate this."
It's always best to let your bottom know that you're not into it before playing
Common roles for bigs.
- 1. a term that age players use for the people who care for them while they are age playing. 2. A type of dominant (will get to this later)

- 1. another term that age players use for the people who care for them while they are age playing. 2. In poly relationships, this can be used to describe another person in the relationship. 3. Not necessarily the same as Brother of/Sister of on FetLife.

- a gender-less term for the people who care for age player while they are age playing.
Types of age players
Adult baby/Infantilism
- A person role playing under age 2.
- A person role playing ages 3 - 10.
- A person role playing ages 11 - 17.
- 1. The supporting role for the little/middle. 2. A person age playing an age older than their chronological age.
How can I tell if someone is in "Little/middle space?"
Little/Middle Space
A head space that some age players reach when they are age playing.
Sometimes certain things trigger little/middle space.
-A partner's tone of voice
-Television shows
-Certain toys or stuffies
Change in voice
Easily excited
Baby talk
Bratty attitude
Extra extra cuddly
Someone I know is a middle. What do I do?
Read fashion magazines (or just look at the pictures).
Take them to the mall!
Play video games with them.
Dance wildly to pop music (or whatever music they like).
Spa night! Paint her (or his) nails, put their hair in curlers, put on face masks, make lots of popcorn, and finish the night up with a bubble bath.
Play dress up.
Build something (Legos).
Go to a museum or zoo.
If you aren't sure,
ask them
Everyone is different. Sometimes it's best to just ask if someone is in little/middle space before just assuming.
How can I tell my partner I'm into age play?
Be honest
Give them time to think it over
Don't pressure them into it
Don't surprise them by age playing around them with little to no warning
Provide them with plenty of information (articles, documentaries, links [Tumblr has a lot of good ones])
Don't start with "It's not pedophilia or incest"
I've heard about people age playing as senior citizens?
There isn't a set age range that people can age play, you can role play any age.
What can I do with someone that age plays as a senior citizen?
Sponge bath
Feed them
Story time
Negotiate their expectations
D.I.D Littles.
What is D.I.D?
Dissociative Identity Disorder (Multiple Personality Disorder). There are several multiples in our community who have D.I.D. littles.
What makes D.I.D littles different?
D.I.D. littles are distinct personalities, not the person you know taking on a different role.
How do I act around a D.I.D little?
Treat them as actual children in adult bodies.
Introduce yourself if you don't know them separately from their adult personality.
Let them guide you.
Where to meet age players.
Littles' munches and movie nights.
Fetlife.com, DiaperSpace.com, DPRTube.com, ABDLMatch.com, LittlesMunch.com
Fetlife Groups:
MidTN Littles
Nashville Adult Babies And Littles
nashville diaper
People who love age play

Role plays featuring age play
Daddy Dom/Little Girl
Mommy/Little Boy
Nurse/Senior citizen
Big brother or sister/little
Consensual darker role play
Diaper lover - a term used for someone who enjoys wearing or watching others wear diapers. Diaper lovers do not always participate in age play, just as age players are not always diaper lovers.
"Who is your big?"
Someone I know is an adult baby. What do I do?
Color (or scribble)
Read them a story
Give them a bottle
Hold them
Lay them down for a nap
Rock them to sleep
Play with blocks
Watch cartoons
Adult baby props
Pacifiers and bottles.
Remember to buy Nuk 5 pacifiers.
You can poke a bigger hole on the nipple of a bottle to make it easier to drink from.
Adult baby props
Diapers and clothing
Adult baby props
a return to a former or less developed state.
Hypnotic regression
occurs when a person is hypnotized and is instructed to recall a past event or regress to an earlier age
"Little space is a state of pleasant regression, wherein your responsibilities, worries, stressors, and overall negative emotions melt away and are replaced by the feeling of being young, naive, playful, and vulnerable"
- Doctor-Daddy
Age play and Dom/Sub
Littles/Middles can be submissive
Littles/Middles can be dominant
Bigs can be submissive
Bigs can be dominant
Bratty teen
Spoiled little girl
Big brother/sister of another little/middle
Mean little brother/sister
Strict mommy/daddy
Older brother/sister
Strict teacher
Daddy wrapped around little girl's finger
Mommy that can't say no
Older brother/sister that gets pushed around
Good girls/boys
Girls/boys that listen to the babysitter
Honor roll student
Is this pedophilia or incest?
Pedophilia is sexual feelings directed towards children
Age play involves consenting adults.
Incest is 1. sexual relations between people classed as being too closely related to marry each other. 2. The crime of having sexual intercourse with a parent, child, sibling, or grandchild.
Age play doesn't involve any family members.
Props for littles
Props for littles
Props for littles
Props for middles
Friday, Jan 23 -- Little's Play Date
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