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No description

Mariana Velazquez

on 3 September 2012

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Instructor: Mariana Velázquez
Office: B07 Casa Hispánica
Office hours: upon request
E-mail: mv2447@columbia.edu "Gente" (Student’s Book, Student’s Activities Manual). Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Prentice Hall Required Texts Access code for Myspanishlab
(where you will have to do everyday practice) "Gramática básica del estudiante de español" Pearson Custom Publishing; Custom edition Videos (Vídeos):

Luis Buñuel (1929) "Un perro andaluz" (16 min.)
Gustavo Salmerón (2001) "Desaliñada" (20 min.) Readings (Lecturas)
Mario Benedetti, "Viceversa" (poema)
José Martí, "Versos Sencillos"(poema) 1. CARTELES CALLEJEROS
PROJECTS (PROYECTOS) ASSESMENT (EVALUACIÓN) Class preparation and participation 20%
Compositions and other assigments 20%
Projects 10% EXAMS:
Midterm exam 15%
Oral exam 10%
Final exam 25% GRADING SCALE
100 = A+
95-99 = A
90-94 = A-
87-89 = B+
83-86 = B
80-82 = B-
77-79 = C+
73-76 = C
70-72 = C-
60-69 = D HOMEWORK Homework is assigned on a daily basis. Students need to keep up with the chapter's workbook assignments. The instructor will indicate the date to turn in assignments. COMPOSITIONS The instructor will assign four written compositions (from 50 to 200 words each) during the semester. Each composition will be rewritten by the student after it is evaluated by the instructor. Both versions will be graded. THEY ARE INDIVIDUAL WORK, YOU MUST NOT RECEIVE HELP FROM ANYBODY. QUIZZES

There will be previously announced quizzes every now and then. These quizzes will not take more than 20 minutes of class time. LATENESS

Arriving late to class is extremely disruptive to the instructor and to your peers. Three late arrivals will constitute one absence. DEPARTAMENTAL POLICY ABSENCES Students enrolled in courses that meet three times a week who have four (4) unexcused absences or more will see their final grade reduced by one full letter grade.

Athletes are encouraged to register in classes that do not interfere with their athletics commitments.
An excused absence is an absence due to a religious holiday or one for which you can provide some form of written justification from a physician or dean. You should not interpret this policy as entitling you to a given number of free absences from class. You should see it as a hedge against illness and other unforeseen circumstances that may make it impossible for you to attend class. ACADEMIC INTEGRITY The Department of Latin American and Iberian Cultures fully supports and adheres to all Columbia University policies and procedures regarding academic dishonesty (plagiarism, fabrication, cheating, etc.). The work you submit in this class is expected to be your own. If you submit work that has been copied from any published or unpublished source (including the Internet) without attribution, that has been prepared by someone other than you, or that in any way misrepresents somebody else's work as your own you will face disciplining by the university. The exercises from this book will be handed in on the midterm.
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