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BlazeY4 GreenE4

on 8 March 2013

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To have a better gaming life MINECRAFT Helpers People In Minecraft Why should I play this Game Helpers
Cows Sheep Chicken Wolf Pigs
Admin (exclusive to Multiplayer)
Other players (sometimes)
(might have missed a few but whatever There is a lot of people on YouTube that create
great videos like Marriland, Captain Sparkelz,
Lightningspirit78, a lot more. Those
r my favs :) This is a VERY!!! important prezi. This first section
is why I should play this? Here's why: Minecraft has a lot of info and good stuff to learn about. And u get to BUILD STUFF!!!!! Its so addicting and fun. Its definitely a game for people who r super creative. Enemies Enemies
Skeleton Archers/Swordsman
Spiders/Cave Spiders The End This last slide is showing about the end. This is
technically how to beat the game but not really.
So in order to "beat" the game u have to find a stronghold which can be found by using Eyes of Ender and that will take u to the end and yes its ironic because this is the end of the game and the place u have to go beat the game is called. Funny huh? Anyway when u get there u need a bow with a ton of arrows, a pumpkin to put on ur head so the
endermen dont see u. Then destroy all the beacons
and that will take u to the ending credits after
beating the ender dragon. Also make sure to
to like and subscribe on my youtube
channel, zeldaminecrafters101

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