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literary devices "red" by taylor swift

No description

laurie gallant

on 14 October 2014

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Transcript of literary devices "red" by taylor swift

"red" by Taylor Swift"
literal language

I think that Taylor Swift used this literal language
because she wanted to make it clear that she was going to let go and not going to hold on anymore.
" tell myself it's time now, gotta let go"
Figurative language
"faster than the wind"
Faster than the wind is figurative language which is basically an
exaggeration, the exaggeration that Taylor Swift used was "faster than the wind" which is theoretically impossible because, one can not be faster than the wind.
" loving him was like trying to change your mind"
I think Taylor Swift was trying to say with this metaphor that there was
a lot of tension and decision changing in her relationship.
" flying through the free fall"
In my opinion Taylor Swift used this metaphor to express her feelings towards life, you could think of this as falling into something good or something bad.
"Loving him is like driving new Maserati"
I think Taylor Swift used this simile to compare
driving a new car and doing something crazy
and exciting because her relationship was exciting
fun and crazy.

" memorizing him was as easy as knowing all the words to your old favorite song"
this simile is when you memorize someone you can't get them out of your head, that is all you think about , its like when you know all the words to your favorite song you always know the words to your favorite song just like you always will memorize someone special.
"losing him was blue, like I'd never know"
I think what she meant by this was when she lost him it was the saddest she had ever been in her whole life and she never thought she would be this sad ever in her wildest imagination
" remembering him comes in flashbacks and echoes"
i think that she meant was that when she thinks of him she sees and hears flashbacks and echoes of things that may of happened when she had the relationship.
"he's spinnin' round in my head"
I think Taylor Swift used this as an hyperbole
because its an exaggeration because someone can't
literally be spinning around in someone's head.
" passionate as sin"
I think Taylor Swift used this as personification because she used
something that is not alive mixed together with human characteristics.
"loving him was blue"
I think Taylor used this as a metaphor for her being sad because the
relationship was having problems or was ending.
"losing him was dark grey"
I think she would use this as a metaphor of when she lost him
because she had sadness and was depressed.
"loving him was red"
she had passion for him, and red could mean love, passion, affection, dedication and devotion and anger.
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