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Copy of Everyday Use- Plot Graph

Plot graph of the Short story- Everyday Use By:Alice Walker

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Everyday Use- Plot Graph

Everyday Use- Plot Graph
Protagonist: Maggie
Antagonist: Dee (Wangero)
Setting – Time: Late 1960’s to Early 1970’s
P.O.V.: Mama
Setting (school, park…): It takes place at Mama’s house and in her yard.
Author’s Theme: Heritage, Feminism
Symbolism: Quilts. The Yard
Character and 1 word to descried them:
Mama- opinionated,
Maggie- good-hearted,
Dee (Wangero) - deeply determined
Hakim-a-barber- innocuous presence

Rising Action
Dee comes home as a more superficial, conceded person. She then askes for the churn top, and gets it. Maggie seems to be jealous because Dee doesn't even know the history behind it. Then Dee asks for the Quilts, which Mama already promised to Maggie.
Mama has to decide who to give the Quilts to, and she is kind of leaning towards Dee, But she gives the quilts to Maggie instead.
Mama snatches the quilts form Dee and gives them to Maggie. And she tells Dee to take one of the other ones. Dee then leaves.
Falling Action
Maggie gives the quilts to Dee because she feels inferior to her, and she feels like she can never win against her sister.
By: Aleezah Masood
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