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Ashwathy Biswas

on 29 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Aswathy Biswas Material and Manufacturing Technology introduction: need for Design: introduction
programme planning
product packaging
mood board
final product sketches
material and manufacturing process
bill of material
timeline content: Backpacks/bags are usually used to carry around items like electronics, stationary, books and other personal items. Its commonly made out of fabrics, rubber and plastics with metal/plastic fastners/zippers. A cloth sack that is supported by two straps that go over the shoulders.

Final product would introduce these features-

content control through compartmentalization
black box compartment
parts that can be disassembled into smaller parts
use of smart sustainable materials
ergonomically designed for comfort and function
encourages 'smart use' of product
minimizing parts for ease of manufacture
embracing new tech programme planning: simple ensemble product packaging Smart Bag As per the requirement of this module, I was asked to design a product for mass production and manufacture, while exploring the latest materials available and justifying their use.

Product chosen- SMART BAG

A smart bag basically is an all in one backpack equipped to carry and provide important, necessary amenities for an individual during a short road trip or expedition. It is designed in such a way as to suggest the user to check the contents that he/she would be putting into it, by creating divisions inside the bag where only certain things would fit. This is primarily done to prevent overloading of the bag, while helping the user benefit from the ergonomically designed features that would enable him to carry the bag on his back without causing physical strain. To encourage smart travel.
To enforce healthy habits via. design.
To improve ergonomics of a product that is widely used yet taken for granted
To eliminate/minimize the risk of back injury caused due to incorrect use of shoulder straps.
To introduce and use smart materials and encourage their implementation in all types of products, irrespective of type and make. Fabric parts
Cushioning for strap bill of material h materials and manufacturing process conceptualization: bill of material For the outer case/fabric body part,Kevlar, an aramid(properly known as aromatic polyamide is used)

Aramids belong to the family of nylons.
Stable both chemically and thermally.
The fibers absorb moisture,therefore needs to be coated with a polyurethane.
flame resistant
self extinguishing
highly tough
chemical stability
high tensile strength and low weight
measured in denier-weight not strength ergonomics: mood board segmentation multi-purpose exploded sustainable organic comfortable ergonomic buckle up! why? outer case back strap component shoulder straps handle grip fasteners zipper system The straps are made of cushioned Shape Memory polymer(SMP), materials that are one group of very promising smart materials. SMP can be stimulated by temperature, pH (the level of acidity or alkalinity), chemicals and light. They are able to sense and respond to external stimuli in pre-determined shape.

optimize comfort
custom fit for user
morphing behaviour
hard and soft domain areas-by adjusting the domain ratios, the properties can be altered.
can be stimulated by temperature, pH level, chemicals and light.
have the ability to "Memorise" a macroscopic (permanent) shape
biocompatible and biodegradable
low cost!
The bottom of the backpack is made of carbon fiber. Its an excellent material for infrastructure construction.
low weight/density
high tensile strength
excellent mechanical properties
Thermal stability
current rate of production low, because cost of production high

Teijin is an advanced materials company that specializes in carbon fiber and recently released information about process that allows carbon fiber sheets to be produced in under a minute. Usually used only in high end automobiles as it takes a long time to mold. The fasteners and zipper systems are made of biocellulosic plastic. This is an extremely eco friendly material that is made of fruit fiber, like pineapple, bananas and coconut fibre.

stronger than kevlar!
biodegradable and
30% lighter than petroleum-based plastics
resistant to heat
1lb of nanocelullose fiber-100lb of plastic

Expensive but will catch on if industry embraces awesome technology, in effect cutting down cost. 1
6 Final Product
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