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Project on Methadone describing and giving facts abou it

Sabrina Smith

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Methadone

Methadone While Methdone has its medical
benefits, it also has the nasty long-
term affects of the drugs it replaces,
Methadone,when abused, causes
holes and gaps in the brain. It messes
with important areas of the brain
such as memory, decision making, and
motor skills. The Long term effects of Methadone are growth of plaque which causes
tooth decay, and decrease in memory. Methadone enters the body 3 different ways. In a liquid form Methadone is ingested by the user as result of drinking it. In pill form the user takes it by swallowing it whole. injection is not recommended, and docters say it is very dangerous. Most injections are done by methadone abusers. Methadone is a Narcotic used to treat chronic pains and to
treat heroine-addicts. methadone was created in Grmany in the 1930's during WWII, because of a shortage in morphine. Typically adults use methadone, but occasionally we see teEns using the narcotic. To be more specific senoirs. 12th grade students have the biggest Percentage out of all Teenagers who use narcotics. Docters and Police cannot pinpiont exactly which Narcotic is being used in this percentage. In 8th and 10th grade zero percent of the population uses narcotics. Long Term Effects What is it?? How it Enters the body Street names Street names for methadon are
Fizzies, Amidone, and Chocolate
Chip Cookies Who uses it?? Medical uses Methadone is used as a narcotic. it was created in germaNy during wwII. Methadone was created to be used as a subsitute for morphine and it was used to detox heroin addicts, because of its similiar effects on the body short term effects the short term effects of methadone can
rAnge from mild to severe. they include confusion, convulsions, dizziness, drowsiness, low-blood pressure, and weakness
Interesting Facts It can reduce sexual urges
Referances http://www.google.com
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