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Roman Military

No description

abbey iler

on 17 November 2015

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Transcript of Roman Military

Roman Military
Roman Clothing
Red jacket that was that was wollin.
They wore a protective body armor.
Helmet was made out of bronze fitting
Leather sandals with a iron stud on the soles.
Roman Weapons
Sword (gladius)
Double sided dagger.
Shield that is 13lbs!
A battering ram to break down enemy gates.
Catapult sent spears flying through the sky with the lit on fire.
Battle Strategies
Life as a soldier
They were always busy with training if not in battle
They had the skills and abilities to swim rivers, to climb mountains, and to be ready for every kind of danger.
the army were poor and got captured into war because the rich didn't want to inquired.
They were the ones that had to get the food from the shops on the street (if they were home)

Roman Famous Battles
Battle of Allia
Gauls vs Romans battle of Allia 390 B.C
Battle of Allia was one of the most monumental defeats in Roman History.
Winners - Gauls Losers- Romans
Brenna commander (Gauls)
Battle of Zama
Carthage rode elephants to battle the enemies.
Romans vs. Carthaginians in 202 B.C Winner- Romans
The battle lead to the second Punic War.
Roman Solider
Roman weapons
Battle of Allia and Zama
They had forts.
They stole elephants from the cartheginons.
They copied the boats from the cartheginons.
The romans are better at fighting on land.
Battering ram
Battle strategies
Connor, Gabby, Abdullah, Abbey,and Lauryn

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