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5.04 New Land!

No description

Rihonna Lamb

on 5 March 2015

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Transcript of 5.04 New Land!

Why YOU should go!
Moving west has many great things to offer. For instance, there's cheap land to offer! You can even get your land FREE by living AND farming there!

Also for money lovers, you can mine for your very own

Where to go!
Head west towards the great state of California and the fantastic Oregon!
How to get there!
By traveling along the Oregon Trail and Santa Fe trail, say,"Good Evening!" to passing folks!

What should you bring?
Been wondering what to bring for this future trip west? You'll need food, water, and things to build shelter for yourself and family!
What life will be like!
Even though this trip is fun, would you risk it? There's a lack of doctors, schools, and churches. Also they'll be many Native Americans around to make you feel like you aren't secure. There's also harsh weather, theft, and starvation. Would you take the chance?
Who you may meet!
You could meet Native Americans, African Americans, Chinese immigrants, Mexicans, and also other travelers on the way.
Possible Dangers!
You can run into harsh weather, dehydration, illness, and dangerous people!
5.04 New Land!
Reporter Rihonna Lamb
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