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Readers' Theater

The first civilizations in the Americas arose as people came together to create more powerful and structured societies.

Christina Garrett

on 9 November 2011

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Transcript of Readers' Theater

Readers' Theater Reader's Theater is an instructional method that connects quality literature, oral reading, drama, and several other reserach based practices. PROS
makes reading come alive for students
helps build oral fluency andstrengthens reading skills
promotes teamwork, building the classroom community
helps develop confidence in students
offers performance possibilities
provides enrichment of traditional theater productions Readers' Theater is a recommended form of "Repeated Guided Oral Reading" and studies have shown that its use results in dramatic grade-level gains in reading and comprehension skills. NC Kindergarten Competencies CONS
Some studets may have anxiety about perfoming for the class or another large group. Reader's Theater also exposes students to basic sight words to build recognition, allows for multiple reading opportunities to build fluency, and ultimately can effect comprehension through actions and gestures developed to carry out the performance. Because reading the dialogue of a story character is so much fun, students are engaged in the activity and are excited to read the text aloud over and over, improving thier fluency with every reading. Implementing Readers' Theater Readers' Theater In Action What is Readers' Theater? Benefits and Disadvantages National Reading Panel Information Kinderaten Language Arts Competency Goal 2: The learner will develop and apply strategies and skills to comprehend text that is read, heard, and viewed. choose a script
adapt the script
assign parts
highlight parts and rehearse
perform Readers' Theater
Research Summaries
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