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The Past, Present and Future of Fossil Fuel

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Cyril Janting Anak Stell

on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of The Past, Present and Future of Fossil Fuel

too expensive to invest in other sources of energy
the industry is too big and impossible to shut it down
too many lobbyist involved in politics
Past, Present and Future of Fossil Fuel
Presented by:
MACÉ Alexndre
MOLLIER Stéphane
Ethics LV1
What is fossil fuel?
I - Fossil fuel
What is fossil fuel?
Reserves and consumption
Fossil fuel industry

II - Impacts from the consumption of fossil fuel
Environmental impacts
Health risks
Political tensions

III - Solutions and their shortcomings
Investment in renewable energy
Agreements and discussion
Industry is too big
We use it for...
Fossil fuel industry
Rising CO2 emissions
Climate change
Health risks
Political tensions
Revolution in Iran in 1953 caused by CIA and M-16
Iraq war at the end of 2001
Exploitation of oil : accidents
Oil rig
Oil tanker
Oil slick
Openings ?
Reserves in billion barrel in 2005
Conversion : why ?
Political Discussions and Agreements
But what are the problems?
Too dependent on fossil fuel
We need to do something before it is too late
Invest in renewable energy
Kyoto Protocol
Climate change summit
Debates in the house of representatives and in the senate
Questions of the day
Is it ethical to use up the world's limited ressources without haste and without considering about the future generation?
Would it be wise to immediately stop using fossil fuel all at once?
Is it logical to leave the future of our planet in the hands of energy companies and greedy politicians?
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