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The many pieces to my puzzle

all of my friends that are extremely close to me

Mandi Elrod

on 22 March 2011

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Transcript of The many pieces to my puzzle

Keith Lewis
aka: Shaggy! he looks like a guy from a cartoon,
he makes me laugh the minute i enter a room,
i love him like a bro,
even though sometimes it doesn't show,
he's one of a kind,
he has his own mind,
this boy is sweet and full of life,
i love this boy with all my might! Megan Edwards i've know shaggy about a year and truthfully it feels longer i mean, we've gotten to know each other so much and i see him every day, i love just being there with him because no matter what, every day, he's there for me, and i think that the fact that he's probably the sweetest guy i've ever met tells alot about how much we care about each other. I love him, he's my bro (: Megan has been my best friend since second grade. Gosh i still remember the day i met her,
i was getting a drink from the water fountain when her and her mom walked up and her mom
noticed who i was right away because my mother and hers used to be best friends when they
were kids and i mean....i love megan like a sister, and i always will ( : Cameron Agnus The Pieces of My Puzzle <3
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