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movie conection

Jared Morales

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of global

Connections to the world. Black hawk down. Te rise of the planet apes Black hawk down the movie is about soldiers that went in to Somalia to do a quick daylight raid that to kidnap lead terrorist.

My connection to this movie is that there is still problems in the middle east that have not been fixed and that there is still killing their. Also how there are U.S soldiers getting killed. Act of valor is a movie about a team of navy seals that have to track down a international smuggler.

The connection that i made to this movie is that we still need special forces to take down international criminales. Rise of the planet apes is about a ape that is taken and tested on with experiments to help his brain power which would lead to use it on humans. Act of Valor. My connections on this movie is how are world is creating new things and not finding out what are the thing that can go wrong with it A team The song a team is about a young
girl who has nothing and has to
sell her self to the world just so
she can live and one wants to help There are to many people in the world
have nothing and no one will help is not
humane that some one has to sell them
selves. No handle bars. No handle bars is a song that
talks about how the goverment
corrupt are just becuase u do
you shouldn't do it. My connection is that with great power comes
great responsibility and how with to much
power thing go bad. Wall - E Wall E is about are world and
how if we keep polluting the
earth we will have to leave. My connection is that if we keep polluting
we will have no earth and we will lose
everthing Avatar is about the
the human race trying
to take over another planet
over in order to butane some
rock that will help there planet My connection to this movie is
how when governments want
something all they do is focus
on that one thnig and are
willing to as far as they want to
get it Avatar The Hunger games 300 Robin hood The hunger games is about a group of teens that have to fight to survive and only one wins and all of this is because there is not a lot of food. My connection to this movie is how people in the real world have to fight for there food and how ome people don't get food. The movie 300 is about 300 Spartan soldiers have to hold off thousands of Persian soldiers and the government didn't want to send more troops. The connection to this movie is how governments are just leaving there own troops behind Robin hood is about this archer who
is in war and tells the king that his own men don't like him and is sent to death. My connection to this is how people are afraid to speak there mind because there leaders will kill them. that is taking human rights away. the end
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