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Children's Academy and Learning Center

School-Based Community Development in Haiti - preparing and inspiring changemakers

John Engle

on 5 September 2018

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Transcript of Children's Academy and Learning Center

Spiritual Well-Being
Entrepreneurship/Social Business
Engaged Citizens
Pre-School & K-13
Community/Training Center
Culture of Respect & Compassion
Healthy Environment
School-Based Community Development
Children's Academy
& Learning Center
A laboratory for learning, entrepreneurship, and innovation.
Prepare and inspire changemakers.
Core Values
Moves forward together with love, compassion and joy.
Bawosya, Haiti
Changemaker Education
Freedom-Centered Leadership

14 Buildings - 60,000 Sq Ft
Good Character
Sense of Purpose

Is honest, respectful, wise and responsible.
Work to discover and realize your unique contribution.
Thinks, acts, designs with future generations in mind.
worldblu.com for 10 principles
Sept 2012 - School opens with 30 preschool students.
Key Concepts:
Learning for Life
Monthly community meetings since 2010.
Port au Prince
Students pre-K through 4th grade - 202
Earthquake resistant construction by parents
Probono services provided by:

90% of primary schools are non-public and managed by communities, religious organizations or NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations).

50 percent of children do not attend school. (World Bank 2013)

Only 29 percent of Haitians 25 and above attended secondary school. (USAID 2015)

Almost 80 percent of teachers have not received any pre-service training. (USAID 2015)

Half of public sector teachers in Haiti lack basic qualifications. (USAID 2015)

Haiti ranks 168 out of 187 on the 2014 Human Development Index (UNDP 2015)

59% of the population lives on less than US$2 per day (World Bank 2012)

24.7% lives in extreme poverty on less than US$1.25 per day. (UNDP 2013)

Poverty is mainly rural, at 75.2%, vs. 40.8% in urban areas. (MDG rpt 2013)

Over two-thirds of the labor force do not have formal jobs. (CIA Factbook 2014)

Haiti's condition is dire, especially given its less than 600 miles from USA

In recent decades countless projects have been tried with little success

Experts agree, there are no quick fixes

Two related things perpetuate Haiti's problems:

1. Broken education system

2. Broken leadership model


An approach to schooling that helps create a new education and leadership paradigm.
1st building under construction 2012
Site Plan
2nd building: social business, classrooms/training
Helping Haitians Change Haiti
...by investing in Haiti's future.
Clean, safe, school, clinic and health education
Haitian physician, nurse and health agent in clinic 3 days a week. Avg - 165 patients/week.
Dentist and assistant in clinic 2 days/wk. Avg - 35 patients/week.
Well-stocked pharmacy
10 Moms trained as health agents & give community service hours weekly as volunteers.
Clinic on-site thanks to our partner, Haiti Clinic! www.haiticlinic.org
Composting latrines means eco-sanitation and great fertilizer! Maintained by parent volunteers.
Nutrition education for students & parents. Healthy snacks!
Permaculture curriculum for students & parents
Hand papermaking
Parenting Programs:
Children's and Women's rights
Village Savings and Loans (700 members)
Afterschool Programs
Parents give four service hours each week to help with school gardens, in the classrooms, maintaining composting latrines, in social business making handmade paper, building and grounds management, local road repair, logistics for school and community events, etc.
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