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I'm All About That Space

No description

Amanda Merriman

on 22 October 2015

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Transcript of I'm All About That Space

I'm All About That Space

@AmandaGTeach #ATAGeeksUnite @csa_asc

Igniting the spark
A little bit about me
What are our goals of this session?
Good morning, Earth!
Alberta, we have a problem...
Jeremy Hansen
Aquanaut gummy bear osmosis lab
Skype with Jeremy Hansen on Earth Day
Canadian Space Agency
How to be AATS?
Apply any lesson!
Scientific method with ISS and microgravity - compare everything!
MARS (plants, robotics, mechanics, physics, light, life support, geology, etc.)
Physics of the launch
Cross-curricular and PBL applications (creative writing, socio-economic implications, worldview, space race, language, mathematics and more!)

My Resources
Canadian Space Agency teacher resources, astronaut guest speaker application (SHHHH!!!), Tomatosphere, CG Giant Floor Map, NFB Space School and more.
NASA resources including Ustream & NEON
HiSeas simulates Mars in Hawaii
My Twitter links and suggested people to follow on social media
Curriculum links
Activities and lab resources

My dream
Please email me at
if you would be interested in meeting this spring and possibly trying out this for the 2016/2017 school year
Collaboration time
Amanda Green
If time permits ... Example of SSEP
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