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Marketing Gay

No description

Sophie Vigier

on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of Marketing Gay

How do they consume?
Any differences?
Prejudices? Marielle Ahidote Emmanuelle Sal Julie Blanckaert Sophie Vigier Alice Veissier Avoid cliché Difficulties encountered Still taboo in France Gay mariage Not specific data 2/3 1/3 From
3 to 6 million Advertisements MOVIES TV SERIES GAY PRESENCE IN MEDIAS Humor Integrated Cliché Beauty and Fashion Strong interest in self improvement products Fashion “gays stores” and community brands Physical preferences of gays male close to women preferences Thank you for your attention Leisure & Gay Tourism Called the « DINKS »
Target with a great potential : spend more than heterosexuals
Many improvements to make Tourism: what LGBT want Not an exclusive gay community
Gay-friendly places
Like big cities
Places where they can party Pay attention to their appearance without spending millions on it Less cinema but more open air outings Prefer bars than restaurants Not so keen on nightclubs Like alcoholic beverages Beauty and Appearance Leisure and Nightlife Consumer habits Same shopping habits with a small preference for healthy products
No segregation of LGBT community in area
A close perception of each other Media consumption Perception of brands using LGBT
in their communication The heterosexuals don't consider it as necessarily negative contrary to 37% of the LGBT Verbatim: “stereotypes”, “caricatures”, “clichés” and “prejudices” VS. “a good image", “audacious and innovative brands” Difficult to analyze this question
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