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Mind & Body

No description

Inês Santos

on 6 February 2014

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Transcript of Mind & Body

Hypnosis may help pain management, anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, obesity, asthma and skin conditions .
trust people
Your attitude towards other people can have a big effect on your health. Being lonely increases the risk of everything from heart attacks to dementia, depression and death.
Mind & Body
know your purpose
People with advanced lung cancer, those judged by their doctors to have high "spiritual faith" responded better to the treatments and survived longer.
"Everything's going to be fine." Go on, try to convince yourself, because realism can be bad for your health.
Think positive
There is some evidence that meditation boosts the immune response in vaccine recipients and people with cancer, and even slows the progression of HIV.
While placebos are generally associated with positive outcomes, like curing an illness or getting drunk , the nocebo effect produces negative results, such as someone breaking out in a rash because they thought they touched poison ivy, even though it was merely an ordinary plant.
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