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My Teaching Metaphor

No description

Chelsea King

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of My Teaching Metaphor

My Journey to Becoming Ms. King M
˙ K ndependence, Ks is my hometown and is part of what shaped me as a future teacher. Independence is also where I had the greatest teacher and the person who made me fall in love with English in general was my 6th through 8th grade teacher, Dawn Oldenettel. She was my English teacher, Social studies teacher, principal, and biggest fan. And if I can be half the inspiration to my students that she was to me then I think I’ll be doing something that I love for a very long time. I ever will you see me purely lecturing my students or using one method of teaching for an entire lesson when I know that multiple intelligences will play a key role in my students’ education. I am a very kinesthetic and linguistic learner. I’m interpersonal and like to interact whenever possible, but I also know that every student learns differently so I will do my best to teach to all of their abilities the best that I can throughout an entire lesson. I’ll use music, technology, group work, individual work, and occasionally just a good old fashion lecture, but I want my students to always be on their toes and monotony does not do much for anyone. The etaphorically speaking, I believe teaching is like an ocean wave, constantly reoccurring and reflecting and rolling back on the progress that you’ve already made but returning back each day no matter what. There are urely going to be chaotic waves and calming waves, but the process is ever important each and every day. ind words and Acceptance are two things that will be mandatory in my classroom. I’m a big advocate for accepting everyone for who they are and I think above anything else in a classroom, ESPECIALLY in an English classroom, your students need to feel safe. Acceptance is a huge part of that and by using kind words and learning that everyone is equal in my classroom, I think my students will feel safe to share, learn, and grow on far more levels than reading and writing. iver by Lois Lowry was the first book that I remember reading in high school for pleasure and escaping into the plot line completely. We all know that teenagers are one of the hardest groups to keep interested in reading, but The Giver really grabbed hold of something inside me and I could not put it down. I kept reading after that in hopes that I’d always find that feeling in books, and for the most part I did. I want my students to have a similar experience of their own so they can see the importance and the enjoyment of reading in the classroom and in their spare time. My classroom will be a gateway to that and I’ll have as many options for them as possible. N G
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